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Wed 11th Feb 2009

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paulcmnt commented on Fils-Aime: "Wii U Welcomes Publishers' Online ...:

Wow, I really didn't expect the Wii U to be just another technically inferior gimmick. (That was sarcasm.) Remember my words when you'll find yourself with like ten good third-party games at the end of Wii U's life cycle, just like it happened with the Wii. (That wasn't sarcasm.)



paulcmnt commented on Sony: Wii U is No Threat, Says "Welcome to 200...:

@JakobG 1080p didn't, but the Wii with its incredible control scheme changed things for ever. Just look at all the games that came out with support for MotionPlus, for example. There's so... many... of... them.

I kinda agree with Sony on this one. Their might be douchy, but the message is the right one. Technically, there nothing interesting about the Wii U. Let's hope we'll get more than 10 good third-party games that make use of this new controller, though... Hahah, yeah right!



paulcmnt commented on Wii U Striking Balance Between Performance and...:

@phoenix1818 Because Wii U is going to be Wii all over again. A rather weak console in comparison to the others, with a new control scheme that looks rather promising.

However, given the (not so recent) history of Nintendo, I'll take a wild guess and say that third-party games will once again be rather posh. I know they tried to make it seem like devs are supporting Wii U, but they did the same with the 3DS before its launch. And how many good games does the 3DS have now?

And let's be honest, during the E3 presentation, Nintendo talked a lot but said very little. If they truly had something spectacular to say, they would have made a better presentation with more substance.



paulcmnt commented on Cave Story Update Now Available:

Too late if you were still planning on releasing this in the EU! I already finished it, and think it's not worth the money, especially considering there's a free, almost identical, version out there.



paulcmnt commented on Galaxy 2 Bonus DVD Detailed, Definitely Won't ...:

Thanks to Team Twiizers and the MPlayer CE Team, this won't be a problem for me.
EDIT: And yeah, Nintendo going even more softcore by releasing a guide for an already not-so-difficult game (assuming SMG2 will be similar to SMG). But hey, who can blame them, they make money! (No sarcasm.)



paulcmnt commented on Red Steel 2 Blunted After Poor UK Chart Debut:

And the Nintendo fans once again make another big step towards completely isolating them from the rest of the game developing community...
(Note to self: if you ever get the chance to make a game never do it for Nintendo platforms unless it's a kids' game.)



paulcmnt commented on WiiWare Market Grows to Nearly $60M USD in 2009:

gamers could claim a free NES game if the Internet Channel was purchased prior to going free (which led to an estimated over half a million free giveaways)

... which were not actually giveaways...

Anyway, I'm very happy WiiWare is doing good and especially that it is dominated by third-parties.



paulcmnt commented on Sony Patents Universal Game Controller:

This sounds good in theory but pressing buttons on touchscreens never feels good for me. I like old-school buttons. It's a lot harder to say which button you've pressed on touchscreens (even with some kind of rumble feedback); besides, it's quite often that you want to 'rest' your finger on a buttons without pressing it, in order to be ready to press it quickly when you need to — there's no way you can do that with touchscreen buttons.