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Sun 19th Aug 2012

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paul95 commented on Super Mario Sunshine:

This is by far my favorite Mario adventure. I remember when I first played it, It was and still is AWESOME! Tragically, I can't play it on my Wii U Deluxe...Darn!



paul95 commented on Resident Evil Revelations:

Although this game was prett fun, it just doesn't compare to Resident Evil 4; but, Raid Mode was a lot better than the Mercenaries Mode.



paul95 commented on New Super Mario Bros. 2:

I just got it yesterday and played for about an hour, and then I got kinda... bored. But, I still have 5 more worlds to go through, so, I can't say its bad... Yet?



paul95 commented on Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance:

I, was really disappointed in this installment of Kingdom Hearts... There's just not enough gameplay and its to "Short" for a Kingdom hearts sequel.
But, on the other hand it did show a video for Kingdom Hearts 3