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Sun 2nd Sep 2012

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pasc commented on Review: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance...:

you'll soon notice that potions aren't very easily accessible. You can't retrieve them from the main menu — which would force the battle to pause — or even select them on the touch screen; instead you have to flick through the X button menu using the D-pad while the fight still continues. This bad menu positioning causes a few unnecessary fatalities and doesn’t do anything to make up for the cascade of Dream Eaters that continuously come your way.

NO just NO.... you can easily assign a shortcut for one command in your deck:

1. got to "edit command deck"
2. go to the command you want to shortcut
3. press X

Whenever you need said command in a pinch:

  1. press left on the D-pad
    2. X to execute it.

I found most flaws pointed out marginal at best. This game really is epic.
It might have a lack of worlds (due to having to play then two times) and the addition of twewy characters is a welcome change to the reptitious ff characters.

Howver they tried their best to keep from reusing old worlds like agrabah, hollow bastion (which I liked ), deep jungle (which they couldn't reuse even if they wanted) etc.

I'm quite far in the game and enjoy it as much as I did enjoy KHII and BBS.