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Sat 31st Dec 2011

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PaperDude16 commented on Super Paper Mario:

i agree gamer4047, TTYD is the obvious victor of the seiries followed by PM64, leaving this excuse for paper mario at the bottom.



PaperDude16 commented on Paper Mario:

sorry, but idk what that boss looks like. but i sure hope that what u said would happen!

just like in TTYD with Lord Grodus and bowser when bowser squashes him when he falls through the ceiling.(or floor, whatever u call it.)



PaperDude16 commented on Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door:

i can't wait for the one on the 3ds, but no game in this seiries will ever top the thousand year door and its brilliants. but then again, u never know for sure until u play them both. but i think the thousand year door has the advantage. i mean vivian was a brilliant partener to have. she was the best companian that mario has ever had in my opinon.



PaperDude16 commented on Luigi's Mansion 2:

this is a very good game i can say. though the one thing that sets me off about this is that u have to charge up your flash-light to catch them. and it takes like 5 seconds and u can't move, so the ghosts get a free shot at u.



PaperDude16 commented on Paper Mario:

i've done a lot of research on this game, and i found out that u only get three partners: a green toad, a chain-chomp, and if u played paper mario 64, u should know about your third partener: the ice kings floating crown that he wore when u fought him, except it sparkles, it has eyes, and its the same color of the crystal crystal star in ttyd. and im not sure, but i think the chain-chomps ability will be bark so it can scare enemies and other things. and for the recored, paper mario the thousand year door IS the best of them all. and i don't know about u, but i completly HATED that u had to switch from 2d to 3d every 5 minuets. and if u stayed in 3d for too long, u get hurt! and it does that until u beat the game. then u can stay in 3d however long u want

sorry, from 2d to 3d every 5 minuets in super paper mario wii. forgot to say which game i was talking about.

and i think the floating crown is phychic and it can move stuff around with its mind.

and, i have also found out the release date!!!!!!!!!! its due for release on march 25th.