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Mon 13th Apr 2009

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Paperclip commented on Rayman Origins 3DS Has No Multiplayer:

So the multiplayer in NSMBWii worked and was awesome. Played it twice, by myself, and with friends.

But DKCR, KEY, and Rayman Origins, the multiplayer made the game worse. I dunno, just didn't work for me. FlAIL multiplayer was awesome though xD



Paperclip commented on Review: Roller Angels (DSiWare):

So how many worlds of awesomeness are there? One and two are a bit boring, three and how many more are crazy fun?

And wouldn't you not want Patti if there are a high density of sprayable signs? Since you'll have to keep refilling all the time D:



Paperclip commented on North America Gets In On WiiWare Demo Action N...:

Hey guys, it looks like it's staying for a while. The guys over at Gaijin Games say:

"Be sure to rate the demo via the Nintendo Channel’s rating system though, because games that score higher than Bronze will get to keep their demos longer! Otherwise, this sucker’s gone in 4 weeks!"



Paperclip commented on Review: BIT.TRIP FATE (WiiWare):

I understand not wanting to spoil the story, but mentioning that there is one for newcomers would be nice. People might think that this is just some retro game with a story as deep as a platforming Mario game.

(no offense to Mario, but story telling isn't his strong point)



Paperclip commented on New Robox Trailer as Game Launches this Friday:

If this gets good reviews, I'm totally picking it up with Bit. Trip Fate (or Fluidity)

Wait a second, @Omega, how can you say the graphics don't have the same 'quality' as Lostwinds, or Jett Rocket. I liked those art styles, but Robox has a much more unique style. Jett Rocket was about as bland as you could get, despite being 'techinically' appealing graphics.

(and I hope it's difficult, those two were on the easy side, and I kinda want something that can compare to the Bit. Trips.)



Paperclip commented on Review: And Yet It Moves (WiiWare):

@Popyman No, the game doesn't have a story, but all the things that you have to do, the things you see, and the sound effects just remind me of the weirdness of Earthbound.

Though I did make my own story for it. The guy wakes up in a strange world, and just wants to get back home. Simple, but it works.

And I should point out that the game feels more like an Adventure/Platformer since you can turn it however you want. But once you get the 90 degree retro mode, it feels more like a Puzzle/Platformer, since that's how the game was designed.



Paperclip commented on Review: And Yet It Moves (WiiWare):

Definitely agree with the score. Just finished Journey mode, and am playing through limited rotation mode. But I'm surprised you didn't mention the game's oddball nature, and its' wacky sense of humour. It's like, Earthbound weird, or Mother 3 on Tanetane Island weird.