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Mon 5th Oct 2009

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outrun2sp commented on PEGI Rates Monster World IV for Virtual Console:

If its 60hz on wii that will be great for europe.

Im getting the 360 version because it contains a cool front end where you can play 3 of the titles. Also M2 are porting it so it isnt backboned.

One good thing for wii is that it has the superior dragons curse (wonderboy dragons trap) and Dynastic Hero (Wonderboy in monsterworld). These are the best versions of both of them.



outrun2sp commented on PEGI Rates Monster World IV for Virtual Console:

I will be getting the 360 version because of the 60hz option.

Grey Lancer was listed as 60hz but only runs at 50hz so dont hold your breath.

On WII its best to enjoy dragons curse and dynastic hero which are two great monsterworld games that are better then the sega counterparts. 60hz turbo duo.



outrun2sp commented on R-Type Being Removed from Virtual Console:

Well if anyone wants to get the exclusive secret level found on stage 4 they should get this before it goes.

Its a good competent version of r type and one of the top 10 master system games. Definately one of the best arcade conversions on the hardware.



outrun2sp commented on Talking Point: The Most Memorable Third Party ...:

GBA is an amazing Handheld console. The only one im interested in and im still collecting stuff on it.

I would have to add king of fighters ex2 howling blood. Basically a port of king of fighters 2000 with all the graphics, playability and sound intact.



outrun2sp commented on GameCube to See New Downloadable Life on Wii U:

Nintendo really have done it now. They know all the fanboys will yet again buy stuff that they already own again!!!!

They know that all the people who bought the 3ds will buy the upgrade model.

Just like people bought DS then DSI.

Now gamecube games will be included in this.



outrun2sp commented on Miyamoto: "Wii U is an Attractive Environment ...:

Nintendo are in trouble here because the 3ds is not selling well and the vita is going to have 3d and have no region lock and superior graphics.

Wii U also does not have a comfortable controller anymore for serious gaming.



outrun2sp commented on Xenoblade Artwork and Screenshots Show a Lot o...:

Honestly. If nintendo dont release this in the US. You can search on google and find a way to make it run. All you need is an SD card and to run a ahem update then you will be able to order it from and play the game.



outrun2sp commented on Nintendo Collaborating with Third-Parties to M...:

My thoughts on why nintendo wont win with the third parties and the level that they will support wii u.

Namco for obvious reasons although id expect ridge racer and a tekken game. Ridge racer will be fun to play with a tablet control with non analogue shoulder buttons. Tekken will be fun to play with a tablet...............

Capcom will want to continue major assetts on PS3 and 360 and companies like sony and microsoft will pay them for exclusive rights of the major games. Nintendo wont pay.

Konami may release some classics but games like metal gear will stick with sonys machine. Also pro evolution soccer on that pad...............

Arc System works obviously are but that pad.............

EA will most likely release on all platforms but with a controller like that whos gonna want to play fifa or tiger woods with that.....

Square Enix will keep the best games on the above formats and release childish variants of Final Fantasy etc on WII U.

Activision will release games on all formats but I can see them being the same ports as the other platforms.



outrun2sp commented on Reggie Discusses Wii U Branding, "Not a Diffic...:

I sense that a lot of people on here are not completely happy with the WII U including some of the staff here. On many other forums like gamefaqs and kotaku the same opinion is going around.

Nintendo had better not screw this one up or they will be in trouble. Perhaps the final blow to them.

Its made even worse with that ex mcdonalds employee Reggie in charge of nintendo america.



outrun2sp commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening ...:

@3 this game is that good. Its hands down the best zelda game in my humble opinion and easily the best gameboy / gbc game. I cant do it justice in my explanation but just get it. 6 dollars..... A steal.

It actually looks and sounds like a 16 bit game.

Real nintendo magic in this game.



outrun2sp commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening ...:

Fantastic game. This is my favourite Zelda of all time and its even more fun then the Snes version. Seeing this makes me want a 3DS as there will be no battery backup problems.

I remember the original gameboy zelda version of this where you could teleport by hitting the select button at the end of the screen. Was of course fixed in DX.

This game could be the reason why I end up getting a 3DS..............




outrun2sp commented on Regional eShops Will Continue to Offer Differe...:

Any of you in europe should have got the warning signs from the WII to expect 50hz content in europe and a far worse release schedule. Its been like this for years and wont change.

Any 3DS or WII - U I get will be the american model.



outrun2sp commented on Wii U Uses 25GB Discs and Lacks GameCube Compa...:

it is a really stupid thing and hard luck on them. Nintendo wont care about sales for people who havent got space anyway.

Im still getting it, but will be getting the american machine after having no confidence in virtual console 50hz rubbish.



outrun2sp commented on Review: FAST - Racing League (WiiWare):

WOW. I dont know where this game came from but it is hands down the best racer on Wii after F Zero GX. Utterly amazing suprise. This is better then at least 100 retail wii releases.

Im gonna be playing some serious time on this.



outrun2sp commented on Review: FAST - Racing League (WiiWare):


Get to it. Its so worth it. For all the hard work, you get to unlock all of the tracks from the f zero ax arcade machine and the selectable pods. The graphics are actually a notch above the standard gx tracks.

F zero on gc matches the arcade machine and betters it in so many ways. Ive had my disk for f zero for years now and I hope that it will run in the project cafe machine. Also my miracle memory card that I darent wipe.

The only other game I can think of that does that is outrun 2006.



outrun2sp commented on Review: FAST - Racing League (WiiWare):

wow, this game looks amazing. Im a massive fzero gx fan and so proud that i unlocked the ax arcade tracks.

This game im buying tonight. 60fps fzero clone on wiiware. im in...........



outrun2sp commented on High Voltage Responds Badly to Scathing Condui...:

And to think that people bigged this game up to be a killer exclusive on wii. After playing the first one i knew this wouldnt work. I wonder if the grinder will come out now. That one had a better theme.

The best exclusive fps games are still metroid 3 which i think is the best. Of course after that goldeneye and there is always modern warfare and black ops for non exclusives.



outrun2sp commented on New Elements Planned for Mario Kart on the 3DS:

Dont like the sound of that, basically balance out means if your artichoke they will still keep you in the race. Blue shells should be taken away and it should be like a pure racer where if your in front on skill you cannot be taken down by the person in last position like bullet bill or the blue shell.



outrun2sp commented on Nintendo Reinforcing Western Development for W...:

They are finally admitting to mistakes, this is amazing. The first party titles are not enough to carry the machine anymore as once people have bought the zelda, mario, mario kart games there has been nothing else to buy.

Third party support is what the new nintendo machine needs to bring back the glory days of the snes and they do have an opportunity here I think to go in front of the other 2 machines if they do this right.



outrun2sp commented on Nintendo Expected Higher 3DS Sales:

3DS is not going to do well in the long run I predict and im certainly not getting one. I think the processing power of the psp2 is going to blow it away (sorry for saying that here). The game that they are bigging up mostly is a remake of an N64 game........

3DS should keep nintendo heads happy (who've parted with cash again for nintendo) but secretly everyone must be feeling this is an accident waiting to happen. I mean look at the battery life etc.
Even the kids these days want iphones / ipads.

While I still like my WII and Snes, the one thing thats better about sega fans as a pose to nintendos is that nintendo fans never ever will admit when nintendo has made a mistake yet the sega fans will definately stand up and admit where they have gone wrong.



outrun2sp commented on Iwata Expresses Regrets About the Way the Wii ...:

Good to see that its acknowledged that there are more important things then how many units are sold.

Everytime theres a boast about sales figures on this site im like meh to it because what really counts is software sales and thats where the wii has been poor. Im gonna ignore those articles from now on.

Wii outselling PS3 and 360 doesnt matter to me because its not a superior machine and the audience actually buying them arent really sophisticated or serious about gaming. Nintendo has lost lots of street credibility that it had during the nes / snes / n64 days because of this.

Hardware units are sold quickly especially to children but allot of these people only have about 5 games including Wii sports and rubbish like carnival game pack. The people surely then move on and go and get PS3's later.

When the new nintendo machine comes out im sure it will be different.