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Male, 41, Canada

Cartoonist and writer

Sat 27th April, 2013

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osenator commented on Review: Comic Workshop 2 (3DS eShop):

I am huge fan of Comic Workshop. I tried some of the new features in the drawing tools, and I think it improves a lot of the use of drawing with colors. The first was very limited, in shadding, so, this one improved a lot of this.
I use it a lot for my comics and art. Please see my gallery if you want examples of how to use Comic Workshop to make mangas and comics.



osenator commented on Nintendo Gets Tough With Miiverse Bans, and So...:

Well, as being one of the few adult that was using Miiverse, Comic workshop room, had more than 750 followers, being a published comic book artist and writer, I was getting many post deleted, drawings removed for unknown reasons, then started to get banned monthly for mind boggling reasons, then permabanned. Miiverse can go burn in hell...