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Tue 8th Sep 2009

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orlick commented on Review: Banjo Tooie (Nintendo 64):

I would say this game review is quite high. Also I am not sure why so much detail goes into the story in this review. Actually that reminds me of the ponderous begining of the game.....

Anyway, this game pretty much lost the charm of the original in my mind. Just felt like a big empty space, a lot like DK64. WAY to much collecting.

Anyway BK I would give a 9, BT I would give like a 5.....



orlick commented on Review: Family Tennis (WiiWare):

I am starting to think you guys really over rate wiiware games. I mean, if the first game was that bad, why does it register as a '5' Is that really ana verage game? And this one is a 6, just a hop and skip away from achieving Twilight Princess level of quality....

A freaking one sport wii sports knockoff???

With no motion plus, no real innovation, no revelation, no real flair?

I feel tha



orlick commented on Starfox: To be, or not to be?:

supersonic -

Respect has to be earned. Making a 'story' out of 2 rumours is nothing to respect. Is it the end of the world?

No, but it is spam, and it is completely uninformitive.

Are we about games here, or pretending how cool games that do not exist WOULD be? What if the next star fox is a puzzle game for example? This hype is just 'build your own dream star fox', for its own sake.

I am not saying it to be over critical, just to be critical. This is like on the regular news when the last story is always about britany spears flashing her panties. Lowest. Common. Denominator.



orlick commented on New Red Steel 2 Trailer:

Ubisoft has to hit one out of the park, cause I still have a bad taste in my mouth from Red Steel - a game that shamed the wii by making FPS control like crpa on wii. Compare it to MPT or Water Warfar or Onslaught in the control department.

Plus the story was horrible and sword fighting was right out of a mediocre SNES era game.

So color me skeptical - I will not ride hype wagons for inconsitent previous efforts. Guilty unitl proven innocent.



orlick commented on Starfox: To be, or not to be?:

head on the computer desk

c'mon N intendo Life - this does not qualify as news - a total b.s. rumour followed by a piss-thin rumour from a fan news site (hoping to up hits, of course) based on an 'anonymous source'

This is the stuff of message boards - the wrost 'stuff'' of message boards, just in front of fad topics....

And Star Fox is pretty mediocre lately, the N64 game was pretty good but overrated, a series that peaked at the first game.

So yeah, 2 parts rumour, and a bucket of c-grade hype make for a disapointed reader today. Do better, I know you are able. But are you willin'?



orlick commented on Impressions: Classic Controller Pro:

The CC is junk, a dual shock wannabe - the worst controller Nintendo has ever made - why are tha analogs put on the bootom of the controller? - they could just as well be on the underside of it then - out of harms way?