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originaljohn commented on UK Retail Survey Highlights the Challenges Fac...:

I used to work in GAME and all the managers cared about is making money. The staff don't really know what they're talking about but sure why would they care they're on minimum wage. I'm not being funny here but even Nintendo Reps would give out miss information on release dates.
UK has never seen Nintendo as a popular choice, for the exceptions of NES, SNES and Wii, it seems to have always been a challenging market. There are a few different ways Nintendo can look at this but I think Iwata has the right mentality in thinking that there is much potential in UK and Europe as a whole.

As for the performance of the Wii U, I can distinctly remember UK based publications basically out right telling people to not buy a Wii U until its in the bargain bin. (When I seen this I did wonder how this actually helps the games industry... the industry they work in... colour me surprised!). MCV's editorial generally report on the negative side when it comes Nintendo, one could argue they are part of the Nintendoom club. A year an a half of negative reporting has effected the public's perception of the Wii U.

I'm very happy with the Wii U and most people seem to think market share is all that matters but look at the state of Sony if the PS4 had a similar launch to the PS3 I don't think they'd be trading as a company. How long are Microsoft happy to let the XBOX division bleed money from the company. In the end of the day Nintendo make great games and are trying to turn the Wii U business into a positive one. Which neither Microsoft or Sony can do without 3rd parties. It's not about market share for Nindento any more it's about making profits.



originaljohn commented on Talking Point: What's Next For amiibo?:

Amiiboland has to happen as a free download. Unlock areas with your amiibos.

The possibilities are endless for amiibos when you think about it. How about a large mech for xenoblade chronicles x for £30 instead of a standard figure? Or samus' gunship for a new metroid game?



originaljohn commented on Nintendo Maintains Its Vague Rhetoric on amiib...:

The whole thing is a complete sham. Nintendo need to speak up on availability, unfortunately I can only see this happening at the end of January for the 3rd quarter fiscal briefing.

A product having a 3 week shelf life is a joke. The problem is they picked smash bros to launch amiibo's with, they should have used a game that maybe didn't have nearly 50 characters in it.



originaljohn commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

The PS4 isn't going to sell like the Wii, they aren't going to get young families picking up the system when it's priced so high and the less said about the vita the better. Sure EA and Ubisoft have abandoned the WiiU, Sony have abandoned the Vita!



originaljohn commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

I'd give the system a B+, it has already out preformed the Wii for me. The only thing I really dislike about the system is the massively negative public perception around it. 3rd party games dont really come into it, sure I'll miss resident evil etc, but I've never enjoyed EA or Ubisoft games I don't even like GTA but I can and have most 3rd party games on my Steam account. Console gaming is Nintendo, ps4 and xbox1 just dont get a look in.



originaljohn commented on "Pre-Download" Service to Kick Off With Super ...:

I'm a big downloader and can see myself using this a lot in the future. It's actually great because I recently queried Nintendo UK about this in an email a few months ago. Also to me it's a big benefit downloads have over physical products. Best of all though it seems Nintendo are rolling this feature out for free, if I recall correctly Sony hide this sort of thing behind PS+ when it was first announced on the PS3. I'd like to see this be an eShop wide feature and not just for big N titles, Indies sell games on the eShop too!



originaljohn commented on Poll: Should Nintendo Follow Microsoft's Lead ...:

For Nintendo to hit a more mass market they should lower the price point. Personally I think the system has always been too expensive, just because it's cheaper than the PS4 and XBO doesn't mean it's a good deal. For some strange reason the price of games consoles has raised over all this generation and I can't understand why consumers have allowed this to happen. I'm talking from a UK consumer perspective as I'm not sure about EUR or US. But I think Nintendo's biggest problem is public perception, they need to tell us about new games every 3 months, exclusives from 1st and 2nd party developers. They need to generate positive press around the system on a monthly basis because there is ZERO 3rd party support. Make directs for Indies, build new partnerships and sing about free online gaming.



originaljohn commented on Pokémon X & Y Won't Be Patched to Accommodate...:

It's almost getting to the stage where Nintendo/Game Freak should split pokemon development into different modules. One module for the rules that governs pokemon and the other that governs the adventure in the game. That way when they make changes like Mega Evolution it would work across the board in that game generation.



originaljohn commented on New Nintendo 3DS LL Outsells Standard Model By...:

Nintendolife called it wrong. As great looking as the standard sized model is, I'm a big fan of my big screens. Come next year I'll be picking up the New 3DS XL. The custom face plates are just another expense too, that and now custom themes, it's like Nintendo are monetizing every aspect of the handheld. Not sure I'm into that!



originaljohn commented on Inquisitive Gamers Stumble Across Potential eS...:

I've actually emailed Nintendo on a number of times asking exactly for this kind of functionality. I usually get a response that says they can not accept my suggestions as I don't work for them, which is just them saving themselves I case I'd ever sue them. It's good to see my nagging is coming to something ahaha



originaljohn commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire's File Si...:

I've a 16GB SDXC card, I actually thought I had a 32GB one in my 3DS but surprised myself the other day when I looked at it. I usually go digital on most of my game purchases, but the Limited Edition steel box Alpha Shapphire must be mine!



originaljohn commented on Talking Point: The Pokémon Trading Card Game ...:

I hope Nintendo plan to role this out with a email based account system (Miiverse on iDevices). This is going to have millions of downloads if apps like hearthstones is anything to go by, so why not take advantage of the massive mobile user base and expand the population of Miiverse?
I think Miiverse is THE vehicle to entice mobile users over to dedicated gaming devices.



originaljohn commented on Digital Foundry Pins Down Mario Kart 8's Resol...:

Digital Foundry is hands down the best thing on the Eurogamer website. They look at the very technical side of games. Taking mario kart 8 for instance, its very interesting to see Nintendo run the 4 player split screen mode at 60FPS but alternating the frames depending on which quarter of the screen your racing on. Stuff like this is a very interesting design choice in a technical level.
Also it was Eurogamer themselves that announced MK8 was 1080p @60FPS so its a sort of egg on their own face situation haha



originaljohn commented on Ubisoft Data Places Mario as the Second Highes...:

This is a good example if using statistics to your advantage. Don't include handheld console games, because that would just push their new IP's further down the list.
I'd also argue the '(value)' aspect of the list. Skylanders makes Activision more money that COD for instance.



originaljohn commented on Satoru Iwata Believes Nintendo Can Establish a...:

I think QOL already exists for Nintendo hardware users (Miiverse). It will be a cloud based platform from which people can access from many different devices i.e. mobiles, tablets, consoles and pc's. What will it actually provide is the mystery but I think it has to have something to do with the casual end of the video games business. It must be free or very cheap, generate a lot of traffic that gives people instant exposure to NIntendo products and services.



originaljohn commented on Download Sales On Nintendo Formats Have Treble...:

The only time I buy physical games is
a) if they ship with limited edition goodies like Mario Kart 8 and TWW HD
b) if third parties aren't on the eShop like Call of Duty
c) there is no sign of a game getting discounted on the eShop like Batman Arkham City. In other words the games cost far to much for far to long.

For everything else I buy digital because it's much more better. I love that my 3DS has my entire game collection in it at all times. My WiiU is becoming a game center too, with over 25 games ready to play as soon as it gets turned on.



originaljohn commented on Cult County Kickstarter Ends Without Success, ...:

Its disappointing but I think the asking price was to high. Maybe they should focus on 1 episode and see how the market reacts. From what I've seen it got me interested. I'm really looking forward to Moon Chronicles, I missed out on it on the DS.



originaljohn commented on Tengami Soundtrack by David Wise Hits iTunes a...:

I for one am very interested in this game. Played it in London at Eurogamer Expo last September. It has a great art style, makes great use of the gamepad and of course has fantastic audio.
The game play is very relaxed which works well if your hungover haha



originaljohn commented on Talking Point: The Watch_Dogs Wii U Delay Demo...:

I don't see the point of a PS4 of Xbox One considering what my PC can do. If the industry is moving towards Sony and Microsoft I will happily miss out.
What I don't understand is the thinking that 3rd party games are always better on playstation and Xbox.