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Wed 13th August, 2008

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opeter commented on Satoru Iwata Defends Timing of DeNA Deal, Teas...:

An interesting article:

Why Nintendo Seems Determined to Fail

... In the '90s, Nintendo won the hearts and minds of children worldwide with a stable of unforgettable characters. The children who once made up that core market are now starting to have children of their own. If Iwata wants Nintendo to survive another 20 years — or to even keep his job — he needs to reach today's young gamers where they play: on mom's phone and dad's tablet.



opeter commented on Opinion: Splatoon Is to Shooters what Mario Ka...:

@RadicalYoseph: ok, I will answer you. They are saying, that this game is like Mario Kart. No it's not, because MK has fantastic graphics and detail, thisone doesn't. Visually it's simply ugly (look at these characters on these screenshots).

The only thing, that can save this game, is the gameplay.

So, you like these characters?

You simply can't compare them to the characters from the Mario Bros. world:



opeter commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's DeNA Plans and Ideas...:

Yes, but there are other system also (aka iOS from Apple, Windows Phone) ... and you can buy tons of stuff, like physical gamepad add-ons etc. for your phone/tablet.

Here you go:

The thing you are talking is just software problem and Google needs to fix the fragmentation of it's OS. Or the others (Nintendo) needs to adapt. Simple.

Anyway, the statistics says, that you get the most money from the Apple platforms (eco-systems) if you are selling you stuff there.

Not to mention PSN, Xbox Live/Store, Steam ... Nintendos eShop is a joke compared to these.



opeter commented on Nintendo Working On New 'Dedicated Game Platfo...:

So we can finally legally play Nintendo games on PC? Cool! Cannot wait :)

In my understanding, the NX will be a client type program (like Steam, Origin, Google Play, AppStore etc.), in where you can buy/play Nintendo-games and it doesn't matter what platform (tablet, smartphone, smart-TV, PC, console, smart washmaschine and so on) you are using.



opeter commented on Nintendo Set To License All IP to Mobile Publi...:

Well, maybe Nintendo in the long term becomes like SEGA, a software publisher.

But, I do have serious a question: why would anyone buy a Nintendo handheld console, when they can play these nintendo games on their phones/tablets?



opeter commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Frustration at Missed ...:

Let's see ...

1.) drop the Wii U gamepad and give us something like a combination of the Wii Gamepad Pro and Gamecube contoller plus a bit of Xbox gamepad

2.) the future console needs an ethernet port

3.) more 3rd party games support, please



opeter commented on Review: Watch Dogs (Wii U):

I am very interested in this game, but first I need to buy a used Wii U ... anyway, I do have a question: is there an option, that you can turn down different graphic stuff (aka simpler texture, antialisaing, etc.), so that it could run "better/faster"?



opeter commented on Sony: PS Vita Is Better Than 3DS And The Wii B...:

Nintendo will eventually fail on the handhelds, since all these (casual) games are slowly going to tablets/smartphones/smart-TVs/whatever devices ... and only 1st party support will not be enough this time, like is mostly the case with Wii U.

But that is future. Until then .. well, be happy and play you Nintedo handheld consoles!



opeter commented on Interview: Console Wars Author Blake J. Harris...:

My first ever console was (still is) the Nintendo Wii ... but I remember, these old SEGA and Nintendo commercials on ORF (Austrian State TV Channel).

Like these here:

Or these:

Here where I live, we hadn't really a chance, to buy consoles ... you had to smuggle it through the Austrian or Italian border :)
Off course, if you had the money.



opeter commented on Developer Interview: Causal Bit Games On Scrat...:

Yeah, me to. I miss the time, when the games on (at least consoles) didn't need patches/updates. I won't say, they were bugfree, but they were definitely better tested.

And I had the same feeling, that I was looking at a more colorfull Altered Beast verison, especially at the beginning of the video.

Anyway, very nice, I have to say.



opeter commented on NPD Results Deliver a 3DS Milestone And Modest...:

There was nothing wrong with the Wii. Nintendo had only one thing to do: updated the hardware, so it would show and play full HD games (1080p).

The Wii U gamepad it one of the biggest and most expensives fails for a Nintendo console. They should have just keep the motion sensors (maybe upgrade them a bit or two).

And also, where are the AAA 3rd party titles? Why are we constantly reading, the developer X is abandoning the Nintendo platform.

Of course indie games are great and sometimes a big refreshment, but you can't base your console market only on indies in the long run. Who will buy such a thing, when there is non of the bigger names on it.

Nintendo needs to understand, that they can't compete with the the Tablets/Smartphone markets and games and also it shouldn't.

One of the problems it, the Wii was a real revolution/innovation. The Wii U is just, I don't know, what to say.

What do you think, why do people buy PS4 and Xbox One consoles and not the Wii U?



opeter commented on Capcom Europe To Axe More Than Half Its Workfo...:

And Japan is no better in economical sense.
And that is, why I wrote, that I can see, that some japanese game company/ makers/publisher will soon merge or buy each other (Tecmo, Capcom, SEGA etc.).

It is absolutely a logical move.