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Wed 2nd May 2012

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Omarzy commented on Editorial: It's Far Too Soon to Go Download-On...:

It's the simple pleasure of not having to switch out SMM for SSB that makes me think digital is going to be the future. I usually buy physical, but if i had the space on my hardware to have every game installed on it, i can't say i would choose switching out discs and such.

Used games is what keeps me mostly physical. I like being able to buy older or somewhat older games for a low low price. Seeing games from years and years ago on the PSN or eShop for 29.99 when it is 9.99 on a shelf at Gamestop isn't helping digital downloads.



Omarzy commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

I know that 2015 will be a great year, with great games. I'm just genuinely worried that 2016 lineup will prove what many are thinking; that Nintendo is ditching the Wii U and moving everything else to the NX.



Omarzy commented on Iwata Defends Identical Digital and Retail Prices:

if the games cost more than the physical copies then people by the physical copies. if the games cost less than the physical copies then people only buy the digital ones. have them be the same price and 17 million 3DS become 17 million retail stores.