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Sat 28th May 2011

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Omarzuqo commented on First Impressions: ZombiU:

Will there be an option to use Wiiremote and Nunchuck?

Going back to dual analog after playing FPSs on Wii is absurd IMHO.



Omarzuqo commented on Resident Evil Revelations Producer Says Series...:

Silly CAPCOM, RE4 was successful because it was good, not because it had action.
Look at RE5, RE Mercenaries and RE:ORC, they had more action and failed miserably because they all sucked.

Bottom line. Resident Evil needs good games to succeed, regardless of the action.



Omarzuqo commented on Ex-Rare Staff Talk Nintendo, Microsoft and Whe...:

Even if LJN had developed Kinect Sports, it would have sold the same amount of copies. People buys them because they're casual games, not because RARE developed them.

The truth is, RARE is no longer a GOOD developer. Being successful doesn't mean they can make quality games.



Omarzuqo commented on Could the Wii U Controller Do Full Body-Tracking?:

Touchscreen: Check.
Accelerometer: Check.
Gyroscope: Check.
Camera: Check.
Buttons: Check.
Microphone: Check.
Speakers: Check.
Body tracking: Check.

It's official, the Wii U controller is the most gimmicky thing in the universe.



Omarzuqo commented on 3DS Drops to $169.99 from 12th August:

I guess I'll be getting mine then. I'm gladd I waited, I don't think those 20 free games make up for the $80 difference, especially because I already have them in their original formats.