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Tue 22nd Mar 2011

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oldschoolplayer commented on This is the Wii U Controller in All Its Glory:

I like how the controller offers different view points. Hopefully it can do a full 360 and not just left, right and "over". The screen on the controller is a great idea. This is what I'd like to see developers do with it: since Nintendo is all about the multi-player experience, there should be games that are 4 Wii U controller compatible but without the expectation that a person owns more than just one. Instead, other Wii U owners can bring their controller over for 4 player insanity in the same room. The players could be looking at different parts of the same area on their screen or going off on their own with the tv as the main map or attacking a main boss from different sides of it. Or, taking this further with on-line, the same as above but also with a single player leading teams of other wiimote players in one place against other teams from all over. The Wii U controller could be used to show where opponents are. Imagine doing this with a FPS or an RPG or maybe even a fighting game. I doubt this would happen but I think it's a great way to utilize the technology without breaking the customers account and encourage more people to play on-line.



oldschoolplayer commented on Fact Sheet: Wii U - 1080p HD confirmed, No BluRay:

While probably expensive, it would be interesting for Nintendo to finally realize their Gamecube/GBA multi-player experience by allowing for 4 (or more) people with a WiiU controller to see different parts of a large area or to go off and explore separate places on their own, while keeping the tv screen as a type of hub or map to track positions.
Also, not disappointed about the Blu-Ray.



oldschoolplayer commented on Feature: The Making of the Nintendo Virtual Boy:

I've always been bothered by how Nintendo blamed Gunpei Yokoi for this whole mess. Lousy way to show gratitude to someone who gave the company one of their best systems. If anyone should have been disgraced over the Virtual Boy, it's Yamauchi for thinking this system would be a success. Now we're all left to imagine what kind of impact Gunpei would have had on the DS and the 3DS. Shame, really.