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Wed 14th Oct 2009

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old_bruce commented on Review: Pinball Pulse: The Ancients Beckon (DS...:

Thanks for the review Corbie, that was cool dude, but I agree with EdEN. Because both games are also completely different games!! The only thing in common is pinball made by Fuse, but that's all about it!! I love this game dudes.
And hey, for those complaining about lack of content or saying that's too short... in the review you read nothing about the 12 gift of the gods, the pegasus video mode in the dot matrix, the 2 multiballs, the difference between playing with Zeus or Hera... and most importantly... Pandora's Box man!! All that stuff is in the manual, and adds a lot!!
Plus bear in mind you will need several hours to complete this board (yeah, only one that's true, but still!!) unless your an expert (haven't completed it yet... grrr!!), and that's far more time then what it will take you to complete..say a regular platform game, right?
And that quality only $5?? For me it is at least 8.5, bargain!!