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Mon 18th Jul 2011

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ogothepogo commented on Talking Point: Wii U - Revolution or Evolution?:

I keep hearing the term "stop-gap system", and I agree completely. This is nintendo's answer to all of the "hardcore gamers" whining about graphics. The HD graphics weren't enough to establish a new console in the market now, with the ps3 and xbox already dishing them out, so they went with some "new" tech that is familiar to the company, and probably easy to produce. I am not down talking the wii-u at all, I am very excited, but this is obviously not evolution. The only revolutionary part of the system is the fact that you can play without the need of a T.V. (something EXTREMELY welcome, now I can throw out that little 15" crt tv that I keep around for when the wife wants to watch Oprah!) Other than that it is essentially just a big DS, as stated. I think that this is going to pay off big time for nintendo. The fact that it is backward-compatible with the Wii's software and peripherals is sure to entice allot of Wii owners to buy. Think about it, if you own a Wii, you are guaranteed to have some games and extra controllers on hand when you buy the Wii-U, even if you can't afford to buy anything but the new system. The only downside for me is the lack of GC support, but I'll just keep the Wii for that. Think about what the big N will release in 2017, when the ps4 and xbox 720 are already three or more years old, that's when evolution will show itself. That's why I think that Nintendo can afford to produce a "stop-gap" console, because they know that they will be ahead of the pack for the next generation.