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Mon 7th May 2012

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Obvious78 commented on Two Tribes: We Could Make A Damn Fine Star Fox...:

Yeah right....Toki Tori is yet another cheap game...Nintendo Nintendo Nintendo...what are you doing? After finishing Zombi U and NWMBU there is not much left for me to play. Havent touched the Wii U for 3 weeks! Nintendoland is not satisfying fo rme either.



Obvious78 commented on Rumour: Wii U Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Not Ru...:

I dont care if the resolution is upscaled. Guys...the Wii U has unique features unlike the other "boring" controls on the other consoles. As long as its minimum 720p then I will buy it. Black Ops 2 is a must have for me!



Obvious78 commented on Sony: Wii U Offering "Something That Vita and...:

Sony is right. But the console is outdated. It doesnt run 1080p native.
Also the Vita is 1 expensive thing to have...then u have to buy a pS3 too. The idea is great, but Sony's stuff are always way too expensive/overpriced. Besides that, Having an expensive powerfull console/handheld is NOT the key to succes!



Obvious78 commented on Nintendo of America Wii U Event Will be Live O...:

I dont hope they will anounce some more casual games like Balloon Popping in NintendoLand (No bashing, I am serious). I want some real hardcore 1st party titles
-Mario 3D
-Mario Kart
-Donkey Kong

at least 1 of then (I know its way too much to ask hahaha)