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Sat 21st Feb 2009

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nwj2468 commented on Review: Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Qu...:

For anyone playing Donkey Kong Country 2, here are some hints: Be sure to check out Cranky's hints. That will help you out with the main levels. To defeat Captain K. Rool, get as many lives as you can, and play along with his tricks, until you come up to the clouds. DO NOT TOUCH THE CLOUDS!!! After you get past (I think it's the red cloud) Kong will break loose, and punch K.Rool and he will get eaten by the crocidiles. then it will take you to a screen where all of the animals/creatures will walk by. then i usually restart the game consule ( it should save your game on Super Nintendo). After that, you have to complete the bonus levels, which i still haven't passed.
I could probably go on forever with hints, but my suggestion is to see what Cranky can tell you!
One more hint. In the lava level which i forgot what it's called, but there will be a game where the lava turns to water when you jump on the seal. When you first start the game, you will see the wierd dragon with the big mouth. kill the dragon thing, and throw your partner up. you will land in a bucket that will take you to a room with an "!" made out of bananas. when you leave the room, it will take you to the end of the game!!!