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Number_6 commented on Talking Point: E3 Highlighted Nintendo's Devel...:

It will be interesting to see how Nintendo treats the Wii U in its "twilight years." I have a 3DS and a Wii that I still use pretty often, as well as a PS3. I bought a PS4 instead of a Wii U; a significant factor in the decision was the way Nintendo dropped support of the Wii so quickly. Pretty much all of the Wii's 1st party online functions were killed off within 6 months of the Wii U release. SIX MONTHS!!! Compare that to how Sony continued...nay, support the PS3 nearly 2 years after the PS4 launch. I don't dispute that there are some solid Wii U games, but at this point there is zero chance I will buy a Wii U because I expect Nintendo to drop it hot potato fashion when the NX is released, just as they did with the Wii.



Number_6 commented on Review: Never Alone (Wii U eShop):

@TrueWiiMaster I have this game on my PS4. There are some minor glitches here and there, but I never noticed much significant slowdown and none of the bugs even approached game-breaking. It had the feel of a game made by a relatively inexperienced developer, and certainly lacked some refinement. I haven't tried the Wii U version, so unfortunately I can't offer a direct comparison to the PS4 version.

That said, I played this game in 2-player mode (didn't even try singe player now that I think of it), and it was an enjoyable experience overall. I really dug the little mini-documentaries between stages. This is kind of a low pressure, chill game, and I can understand how it wouldn't be for everyone. There wasn't a ton of challenge with 2-players, but we both liked it. Even with it's flaws, I would buy it again.



Number_6 commented on Star Parodier Removed From the Wii Virtual Con...:

Wow, for once I got lucky. This was my most recent purchase for the Wii - just picked it up a few weeks ago. It's up there with Blazing Lazers, Axelay and Castle of Shikigami III as one of my favorite shumps. May be time to get all the Star Soldier games before they disappear too.



Number_6 commented on Nintendo Confirms Limited Edition Wii U Bundle...:

I've been on the fence about whether to get a Wii U or wait for the PS4 for a couple of months now, and to be honest I have been favoring the PS4. Now, I'm leaning towards the Wii U. Price cut + good games = better sales. Good move by NOA.



Number_6 commented on Review: Go Vacation (Wii):

I know this game has been out forever now, but I picked it up recently, and this is one review I do not agree with. It has a lot of variety, and actually being able to move around the world instead of just choosing events from a menu list changes the feel of the game completely. It's a world to explore that has games in it, many of them pretty fun ones at that. There are a few that aren't great, such as skydiving, but many are entertaining and the game controls are usually fine. There are some instances of clunky controls, volleyball being the worst, but even it isn't THAT bad.

This is the time to buy Wii games that you missed for next to nothing, and Go Vacation is well worth it if you find it in the bargain bin. I'd give it a 7 or perhaps even 8 if I was scoring it. Oh, and my 10 year old prefers it to Wii Sports Resort.



Number_6 commented on Iwata: Nintendo Searching For A "Different Exp...:

Boss controller.
I have to say that I haven't been convinced that the WiiU controller is vital. I have a 3DS and Wii (with ~80 retail Wii titles, 13 GameCube and ~120 WiiWare/VC titles) so it isn't as if I don't appreciate Nintendo. I'm still undecided between the WiiU and PS4, having eliminated the XBox One (pay extra to play used games, no thanks). I'm not saying the WiiU isn't great, but the controller is not considered a huge selling point to many potential buyers, myself included. I will make my final decision based on games, the controller is little more than an aside to me.



Number_6 commented on FIFA 14 Is Coming To Nintendo Consoles After A...:

Sweet. I'll get this for the Wii. Seriously. There were about a zillion Wiis sold, and even though I may be shifting playtime to the 3DS now that I have the new Animal Crossing, I still play the Wii a lot and I can't be the only one.



Number_6 commented on Review: Animal Crossing: New Leaf (3DS):

Awesome. I started playing a little Gamecube Animal Crossing last week to "get in the mood" for New Leaf. Big mistake, now I'm playing the GC version. There goes a year or two.

Just reading about someone cutting down all of my trees is almost too much! If someone actually did that to my town, I would feel like going Red Wedding.



Number_6 commented on Nintendo to Pull the Plug on Several Online Wi...:

Not happy. The Wii U has been out in the US now for less than 6 months. I actually use the News Channel slideshow every morning while getting ready for work. My daughter just had a question that she submitted used on the Everybody Votes Channel (the one about travelling/staying home during vacation). I understand that nothing last forever, but to shut it down mere months after the new system is released AND while the Wii is still being sold rubs me the wrong way.



Number_6 commented on Retro City Rampage Has Only Sold a Quarter of ...:

I was glad to see it released on WiiWare, and picked it up right away. Then again, I haven't bought a Wii U yet, so anytime there is a new Wii game that looks decent, I feel like it's Christmas again. I'm surprised at how low the number of WiiWare sales is, especially after all the attention it got on enthusiast sites like N-Life. I would have thought there were lots of people still looking for a good game, but apparently I underestimated the degree to which the Wii has already faded. If the sales numbers really are that small, I doubt it will ever break 5,000. At least the Wii holdouts in the US still have Pandora's Tower to look forward to!



Number_6 commented on Super Hang-On 3D Speeding Into The Japanese 3D...:

I ran across Hang-On in an arcade recently. I have a Ducati track bike in real life, and thought I would impress the hell out of my daughter and her little buddies. Nope. In the game you turn the handlebars in the direction you want to turn, in real life you press them opposite of the direction you want to turn. Couldn't overcome the instincts ingrained by years of adrenaline and brief moments of terror, so I just muttered something about being fast on a real bike and slunk away to a dark corner.



Number_6 commented on Review: Geist (GameCube):

I just picked up this game for next to nothing, since I have pretty much every decent Wii game and haven't spent the $ for a Wii U yet. It's a lot of fun, I think it is underrated. It's not a pure FPS, which is kinda refreshing. I haven't completed it yet, but after 8-10 hours I would give it a 8 or possibly even higher. I think the controls are fine. It can be a little linear, but not so much that it isn't fun.



Number_6 commented on Research Discovers That Old Timers Are Far Hap...:

As a somewhat older guy and father of a 10 year old, I was irrationally pleased when one of my friend's told me his son refers to me as "The Game Master". I don't see any reason to stop gaming now or ever. Why would you really?



Number_6 commented on Project Happiness is Now HomeTown Story:

The voice over sounds like the Little King's Story trailer. I'll probably get this, I'm a sucker for most games published by Natsume, and I since I finished Tides of Destiny (170+ hours), I've got a Natsume hole to fill.



Number_6 commented on Atari Turns 40 Today:

One of the most exciting days of my life was getting my 2600 and Yar's Revenge when I was a kid. No kidding.



Number_6 commented on Iwata: Wii U Won't Repeat 3DS Price Mistake:

I'm a little more forgiving because I can still use (apparently) my balance board, 4xWiiRemote, 3xNunchucks, 2xClassic Controllers, 2xClassic Controller Pro....oh, and all of my rechargeable batteries. So that is a couple of hundred dollars US that I won't have to spend just to play with friends. Still, US$300 is about all I would be willing to pay, and even then I might hold off for a little while. This is the golden time to buy all of those good Wii titles that have slipped by over the years, although since I own about 120 WiiWare/VC games and 64 full release titles, there aren't THAT many I've missed.



Number_6 commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL:

If there was a better web browser and a way to integrate email seamlessly into the device, it would make an acceptable (and less expensive) tablet substitute. You can use some of the titles like mario calendar, calculator, note books to actually put a veneer of practicality on the 3DS as is. I work in public relations and marketing at the moment, so I can get away with being a little odd, and I sometimes take my 3DS to work and use it for notes/scheduling. It's clunky for that though, and I usually just switch everything over to my smartphone. The XL would be great if you could realistically use it for work though. Which would be great, because it would fit in my briefcase a lot easier than it would my pocket.



Number_6 commented on Review: CRUSH3D (3DS):

Never noticed James has an EU flag. Granny was right, you do learn something every day. About the game: I would have been more likely to buy this before Pushmo came out. It makes it harder to justify $40 for Crush, especially when I can spend that on RE.



Number_6 commented on Let There Be No Doubt - The Last Story is Aust...:

My money is still on NOA releasing Xenoblade and The Last Story in 2012. What else is in the pipeline to generate excitement after the release of Skyward Sword next month...and I guess perhaps the new Kirby? NOA still has to move Wiis in 2012 and probably wouldn't mind selling some software to boot. With minimal cost compared to development of a new title, build up demand (see above posts) with a perceived scarcity of product, a free year long advert campaign o/k/a press attention and gamer forum discussions, it's an easy bet for release.



Number_6 commented on Doodle Fit is Coming to DSiWare:

I was thinking how it would possibly burn calories using the DSi when I read the title; maybe by using the touchpad like a mini Wii Balance Board? What? Another puzzle game?!? I guess I will have to put off my dream of amazingly fit, muscular fingers for a while longer.



Number_6 commented on Feature: escapeVektor: Chapter 1 - An Insight ...:

Just got this, thumbs up on the music. The game feel is a little reminiscent of the old TRON arcade game with the vector style graphics, even though it doesn't play the same. Obviously there are some thematic similarities as well. Glad there was this development feature on N-Life; It adds something to my gaming experience to have some understanding of the people and process that created a game, makes it more personal and "real" if that makes any sense.



Number_6 commented on Feature: escapeVektor: Chapter 1 - An Insight ...:

I thought Nnooo's earlier game Pop (underrated in my opinion) had a nice clean art style and music that was well suited to the gameplay, and it looks like escapeVector has somewhat the same traits. Bonus points from me for any game with music inspired by Kraftwerk and Air. At 500 points, this is a probable buy for me tomorrow.



Number_6 commented on Review: MotoHeroz (WiiWare):

Well, I had been kinda wanting Faxanadu, and with 0 points, this mandates that I spend $20 to get 1500 points, so looking on the bright side, glass 1/2 full, sunny day and all that...I guess I'll let Nintendo squeeze $20 outa me when I only really want a $15 game. Even though it is Finnish (just kidding Luffymcduck, keep up the good Finn games and I'll do my part to increase the USA's trade deficit.). Yet another game that I would not have been likely to purchase but for a great N-Life review.



Number_6 commented on Animal Crossing 3DS Looks Suitably Relaxing:

Well, there goes my next year or two...

@28 - LOL. I do some things that are can be fairly exciting in my spare time - track days on my sportbikes, rock climbing, off-trail back packing in wilderness areas, etc. I keep my love of AC to myself, don't even want to think of the laughs at my expense should my secret AC compulsion be revealed. Just the thought of sitting in the pits wearing full race leathers between track sessions while doing a little fishing and looking for fossils makes me grin like a lunatic.



Number_6 commented on Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Crashes In Next...:

I just hope they dropped the Runey system from Frontier, or at least gave it a major overhaul. If not for being forced to nearly constantly babysit those little buggers, R.F. Frontier would be my favorite Wii game.



Number_6 commented on Nintendo Download: 18th August 2011 (North Ame...:

Build-a-lot actually looks like (potential) fun. But since my internal 3DS memory is filled up with DSiWare already, and I'm no-way-in-hades going to start bouncing games back and forth between internal memory and SD card,,,,it will stay a mere potential and I'll have an extra pint at the cafe tonight.



Number_6 commented on Nintendo Download: 4th August 2011 (North Amer...:

In 1.5 days, I've already played 6 hours of Mario's Picross. I picked it up basically because I had $5 left over from past purchases, and thought it was worth a shot. I can't stop playing it. It's perfect for a quick game to pass a couple of minutes, but that turns into a "just one more" time after time. I'm shocked to say this, but other than OoT, Mario's Picross is my favorite game on the 3DS (including Link's Awakening, which I like and recognize as the "better" game). Every single time I solve a puzzle, I catch myself grinning at the revealed image. Black/White, Green/White, whatever - this is a fun little game.



Number_6 commented on FAQ: Nintendo Ambassador Program and Free eSho...:

After reading the amount of the price drop from what I paid, all I got out was an angry, "Son of a.....," before I saw the bit about my new diplomatic status and the 20 games, forcing an unsatisfactorily placid concluding, "....oh, fair enough."



Number_6 commented on Three New Rewards Hit Club Nintendo in North A...:

I have both the Sensu fan and pouch. They are both OK.

The pouch (I think it may actually be like a Japanese bento box baggie), is of nice quality and I used it recently during a 2500 mile motorcycle trip to keep my charger, bud earphones and 3DS. The only downside is that it is pretty bulky, to the point that it can't really be used while carry the 3DS around in pants/jacket...unless you roll like an MC in 2003, uber-baggie style. While it is not cushioned, it is soft and thick enough to provide at least some limited protection against softer impacts.

The Sensu is quite nice. I got the Mario one for my daughter. In the end it is just a paper and wood fan, but the printing is nice, the wood has nice detailing and I think it actually uses gampi (the correct paper for Japanese fans). It uses back paper to cover the frame and has end guard sticks to add durability and improve appearance. A fabric storage pouch is included.

While I use the pouch more (mainly because I do a lot of motorcycle touring), I think the Sensu is a much nicer item. The pouch is functionional, the Sensu is more "art-like" for lack of a better term. So it somewhat comes down to the utilitarian vs. the aesthetic.

Next on my list is the messenger bag. Anyone that has one have any input on that item?



Number_6 commented on Review: 3D Pixel Racing (WiiWare):

@4 - Yeah. Enjoy Your Massage. It got a 2. So if Microforum adds the review scores of all its games together, they still only manage to get 6 crummy stars.



Number_6 commented on EA Founder Criticises Nintendo's "Feudal Dark ...:

@17 - I'm old enough. EA wanted to pay less for licensing, so they reverse engineered the Genesis, pirated Sega's development kit, using those pirated development kits and developed games for the Genesis, then demanded a reduced fee structure from Sega for the games they developed using pirated development kits. Some very good games I own(ed), in fact, Madden Football, Populous, Road Rash come to mind.



Number_6 commented on EA Founder Criticises Nintendo's "Feudal Dark ...:

Looks like he took some of that Digital Chocolate money, took a trip down to the local mall, and got him some Glamor Shots. AND he payed a little extra for the bonus halo (not Halo, the good kind with Master Chief). Makes it perfect for his profile picture on