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Tue 13th May 2008

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Nnooo commented on Hands On: Spirit Hunters Inc.:

Thanks for the great write up Corbie!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that Spirit Hunters Inc makes a lot more use of AR than the likes of Denpa Men (which I love). In Spirit Hunters Inc the whole game, pretty much, takes place in AR with you touching and interacting directly with the spirits.

In Denpa Men you just point and shoot traps in AR and the rest happens in a more traditional (but still awesome) RPG structure.

We have worked really hard to make Spirit Hunters Inc really feel like you are interacting directly with the spirits and to do so each ability has a different way of interacting e.g. drawing walls of fire around the spirit, slashing them with a frozen slash, tapping and holding on them to drain their health and so on. Most other AR games we have played involve just pointing and shooting. We have tried to go one step further

We really can't wait to here what you all think about the game.




Nnooo commented on Nintendo Download: 11th October 2012 (North Am...:

@brandonbwii @DarkEdi The videos are now up on the eShop in the US. They are not downloadable instead if you go to coming soon you can see the original trailers and to view the other new ones go to either the recent arrivals video section or search for spirits.

I think next week they will be up in the coming soon section



Nnooo commented on Developers Explain How to Make a 3DS eShop Game:

Thanks everyone

We are really proud of Spirit Hunters Inc. The play testing in the office has been going well for a while now and the game is pretty stable so hopefully it won't be too much longer... There is so much content in the game! 96 normal spirits and then a rare (silver) and very rare (gold) version of each. Plus all the abilities and combos....

The guys are finding quite a bit of strategy to the game too. Can't wait to see @Corbs at E3 so we can let him play it and maybe... even take a copy away for a while...



Nnooo commented on Developers Explain How to Make a 3DS eShop Game:

Hey guys and girls.

We are still working on Spirit Hunters Inc. In fact we are in the final bug fixing stages. It's a pretty complex game for essentially two people to make so we want to make sure its a-ok before we release it.

The process for 3DS is very similar to both the WiiWare and DSiWare services. Personally I think some companies assume Nintendo's lotcheck process is for finding the bugs in the game. This is the wrong assumption. Lotcheck is intended as a sanity check to make sure that it works under the guidelines Nintendo provides us. If you use it as your own QA service then expect it to take a long time to find and fix all your bugs.

The main reason it takes a long time for some games to release in EU is that not all companies develop for all regions at the same time. We at Nnooo really understand how important it is to do so. Also the EU financially is still a much smaller market than the US and Australia even smaller which means for some companies it isn't worth their time (unfortunately).

At Nnooo instead of developing each region one after the other we do them all at once. It does make Lotcheck trickier as sometimes the EU will find something the US hasn't (or vice versa) and we can then have some tough choices to make regarding release dates.

Hope that helps?



Nnooo commented on Review: Liight (WiiWare):

@MetalSlime You only have to translate the manual in Europe into EFIGSD (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch) and not the whole game. Although by the sounds of it your manual has more text than your game?

Also we know some really good translators who we use and who are really familiar with the terminology etc (and not too expensive!).

@acc there are two ways you can use a Wii Remote to detect rotation. The first is by using the pointer (and is what the Wii Menu uses). In this method the camera built into the Wii Remote detects the angle of the Sensor bar as you rotate the Wii Remote. This method is very accurate but can only be used in situations where you will be pointing the Wii Remote at the screen. In this situation you can break this method of rotation by having bad lighting (ie other infra red sources) or by moving the Wii Remote out of view of the sensor bar (e.g. walking in front of the sensor bar).

The other method is to use the accelerometers. However the accelerometers only measure acceleration so if you have the Wii Remote stationary, or if you are moving them at a constant speed, then you get no acceleration (as acceleration is the change in speed). There is also a maximum threshold the accelerometers can sense so if you move the Wii Remote too fast it will register that as the max (when you could have been moving it much faster than the max). Finally when using the accelerometers to detect slow/gentle movement this can be hard as the Wii Remote detects gravity (as this is a constant source of acceleration). When you are moving it gently/slowly it can be hard to detect the difference between gravity, noise and actual movement.

Hope that helps...?



Nnooo commented on Yes, You Can Transfer DSiWare to 3DS:

I imagine the restrictions will be that you will lose save data for some titles. As @theblackdragon mentions some titles save data which is not transferable to SD card.

We are hoping that you can shop for DSiWare on the 3DS too 'cos that way all those people who haven't picked up a DSi can also have a look for some of our software. Think how cool Spirit Hunters Inc will be



Nnooo commented on Spirit Hunters Inc. Trailer Shows Augmented Re...:

Thanks for all the great feedback

We think we have something special here and cannot wait for you to try it out. Unlike other augmented reality games we do not rely on having to put down cards to line up the baddy placement and so forth.

With Spirit Hunters Inc you really can battle and capture spirits anywhere in the world!



Nnooo commented on Take Note, myNotebook Carbon is Released on Mo...:

@grumblegrumble yes the new notebooks have 12 unlockable themes for lined and 12 for squared paper!

You can unlock these themes by owning Pop+ Solo and the other notebooks.

myDiary will continue this trend and allow you to unlock themes and inks by either owning Nnooo software or by using the app! In myDiary there are even a couple of themes and inks that can only be unlocked by owning a number of Nnooo apps e.g. if you own any 4 Nnooo apps you will unlock the Purple theme (I think).



Nnooo commented on Take Note, myNotebook Carbon is Released on Mo...:

Unfortunately it is not possible for us to patch in new features

We have tried to make it clear on the DSiWare shop channel that the Carbon, Pearl and Tan ones feature 128 pages and the other new features while the older versions make no mention of them. Hopefully that should be clear enough to users



Nnooo commented on Nnooo Releases New myDiary Video:

The alarms go off anytime you are running the app including when it is asleep. So if you want to wake yourself up just set an alarm and close the DSi

If you miss any alarms myDiary will let you know next time you start it.

Also each alarm can have a note assigned to it so you can set reminders for particular things!



Nnooo commented on myNotebook Carbon, Tan, and Pearl Trailer Rele...:

The current versions Blue, Red and Green are 200 points and have 32 pages,

The new ones Carbon, Pearl and Tan are planned to be 500 points and as well as having 128 pages have several new features (as listed above)

Glad you all like the new colours!



Nnooo commented on Review: myPostcards (DSiWare):

Thanks Corbie

The other great thing for us about making apps is we can reach out to our consumers quicker and learn what they like/don't like quicker. We can also use the apps as learning for how to better use the DSi hardware so that our future games make more and greater use of the DSi!



Nnooo commented on Review: myPostcards (DSiWare):

We are working on two new games at the moment! One is for DSiWare and the other is WiiWare and DSiWare (and possibly PSMini too).

We are also working on two more myLifeCollected apps. You have to realise that games are expensive and risky to make and 'cos Nnooo want to be around for a while we have been trying to mix our output so we have two engineers on games and one on apps atm. It just so happens that apps don't take as long (hence the cheaper prices)



Nnooo commented on Review: myPostcards (DSiWare):

Corbie thanks for the review. It is a shame you don't like it that much but hey we can't please everyone!

On the subject of Nintendo Wifi and rotation here are some things you all should know:
1) We are not allowed to use Nintendo WiFi for sending postcards to other users as this would turn the DSi into a communication device and would require that Nintendo seek approval with the FCC in the USA (amongst others) for re-classification. We asked and they said no
2) All images saved to the internal Photo Album on a Nintendo DSi are saved in the same orientation so unfortunately that is also an issue which we have no control over.

We hope you all enjoy myPostcards and while it is a simple application the possibilities and fun you can have are endless. You can create postcards for every given situation and then exchange them with friends. It is the closest you are going to get to twitter on the DSi at this stage I am afraid!



Nnooo commented on myPostcards Release Dates Announced:

You can upload the postcards to Facebook or save them to SD card and email or print them out

The postcards are saved to your Nintendo DSi Photo Album so you can use the Facebook or SD card functionality which is built into the DSi to upload them.



Nnooo commented on Extreme Hangman Breaks Sales Records:

I think this news report/press release is very misleading. There is no way these developers can know if they have outsold everything else in the store to date. Instead we presume they are saying that they are the best selling title in the store currently.

This is great news for them However I do feel we should point out that myNotebook was number 1 across ALL DSiWare stores in the 3 weeks before Christmas and is still in the top 10 or 20 in most stores too. I therefore don't think it is very likely they have sold more (in total) than Mario VS DK, myNotebook or many of the other titles which have been in the top 20 for months.

Anyway congrats guys for making it to the top of the charts. Looks like a great little title.



Nnooo commented on Nnooo Officially Announce myPostcards:

200 points is what we are aiming for

@geek-master we left out Nintendo WFC on Pop+ Solo as it would have extended development time a lot. We are still looking at making Pop+ VS which we would love to add WFC stuff too. In the mean time look out for some more projects from us in the future with DSi to DSi connectivity and more....



Nnooo commented on WiiWare Devs Call for More Advertising From Ni...:

Hey guys,

For the full interview I did with Kath Brice (instead of just the juicy bits) check out our news blog here (




Nnooo commented on Nnooo Officially Announce myPostcards:

The hard part about releasing content in Japan is we either need an office and staff there (expensive) or we need to find a Japanese publisher who will do the game justice.

At the moment we have neither but are definitely interested in finding a Japanese publisher who is interested in supporting and releasing our products



Nnooo commented on Nnooo Officially Announce myPostcards:

Ok I think some of you are being a bit harsh but then that is the nature of the internet

We are bound by the limits of what Nintendo will and will not let us do. Unfortunately at the moment there is no way for us to access the SD Card, Nintendo may have libraries which it uses internally however at present they are not available to developers who are not directly working on a Nintendo published title. Furthermore I think that Flipnote was developed by Nintendo in conjunction with Hanata and is why they can access the SD Card.

Secondly Nintendo WiFi on DSiWare is on a per application basis at Nintendo's discretion. We applied for myPostcards to use it and were turned down because, currently, the DSi is not a licensed communication device and as sending postcards to each other would be classified as email it would fall into the same category. I am not a lawyer so we didn't push this. We want to remain friends with Nintendo after all

Finally we take the photo and the text/note you make and we composite the two together. So normally you take a photo of 640x480 resolution on the DSi. We take that and composite the two to make a postcard of 640x480. This means it is exactly the same size and resolution as the other images made by the DSi Camera (or any other application which uses the DSi Camera features).



Nnooo commented on Nnooo Officially Announce myPostcards:

What @Hardy83 said.

The images are traditional JPG image files and are stored in your Nintendo DSi Photo Album in exactly the same manner as any other photo stored there. You can then use the Nintendo Camera Application to edit them or transfer them to facebook or SD Card.

Using the image on the SD Card (in the same folders as the rest of your DSi Photo Album photos) you can print or email it out.

Hope that is clearer



Nnooo commented on Nnooo Officially Announce myPostcards:


myNotebook is for making notes and lists so you can remember stuff, jot stuff down etc

myPostcards is to allow you to make your own postcards. You can save them to the Nintendo DSi Photo Album and then transfer them to SD Card or upload them to Facebook. Using the SD Card you can email them or even print them out and post them (old school postcard time!).

We think both apps are very different and compliment each other well.




Nnooo commented on First Look: myPostcards:

myPostcards is only coming in one version

myNotebook was released in different colours to give choice and to allow users to have more pages should they require.



Nnooo commented on myNotebook Huge Hit on DSiWare Service:

To all those wanting SD card support we cannot access the SD card directly at the moment and until Nintendo provide a way we can we cannot add that sort of functionality. Sorry

One thing we can do (and are doing in our next myLifeCollected app) is to save things as images to your Nintendo DSi Photo Album. We decided that doing this for myNotebook would be a bit cludgy and what would you do with the note as a photo anyway? So sorry to those who think SD Card support is a deal breaker.

For us jotting down simple notes and lists myNotebook is a great deal at 200 points



Nnooo commented on Naughty Nokia Boasts About Nintendo Games On N900:

I wouldn't hold your breath for snes or nes games on a Nintendo Handheld. I imagine they will keep those for Wii and any VC on the DSi will be old Gameboy/GBC and GBA titles.

Although it would be very cool if you could transfer your VC stuff to from Wii to DSi to play on the move.