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Tue 18th September, 2012

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Nintenjoe64 commented on Nintendo Confirms The Mario Kart 8 Premium Pac...:

I wish Nintendo would do a trade in system for old style Wiimotes because I have 4 remotes with motion plus attachments that could do with being traded in for Wii U remotes.

@Frapp Raymond Bryce remote is a must but I might hold out for a Star Fox one instead!



Nintenjoe64 commented on New World Record Set for Super Mario 64 120 St...:

It took me about that long to defeat the second Bowser in 64 the other day. I just kept throwing him between the mines!

I can't believe he doesn't like Galaxy. I agree that it's no 64 but to me it's the only one that comes close. Sunshine was ok but speed running it must be horrible with all of those cutscenes.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Possibility of SNES Remix and Other Remix Titl...:

@brewsky I'm not sure that's 100% true. If WarioWare on Wii can have a Starfox microgame then I am sure there's a workaround for them to make one on Wii U. They might not be able to emulate the Super FX chip for the VC but SNES remix could well be its own game with its own engine because of the variation in styles on SNES games.



Nintenjoe64 commented on The Nintendo eShop Is Like Paradise, Says Imag...:

@gatorboi352 I was joking about the gaming elite. I think the reason Nintendo are behind is that they want to appeal to children but don't realise that children of 2014 don't want to play games that are designed for children, they want to murder each other or look at officially branded stuff. It's nothing to do with the fanboys thinking Nintendo are somehow special and whining, embarrassingly throughout the internet. The captive audience is definitely paying off for some indies but Ubisoft and Activision will definitely have a different opinion of Wii U owners.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Bandai Namco Announces Pac-Man and the Ghostly...:

Didn't the first game get reasonably good reviews? I'm surprised it sold well enough to get a sequel on Wii U. The only time I have really seen it on Wii U is the Miiverse page where there were no player posts whatsoever. Things I would prefer from Namco:
Pole Position or Ridge Racer arcade ports
Any of the main Soul Edge/Calibur series
Tekken without Tag
Point Blank (with decent Wiimote calibration)
Time Crisis (ditto)



Nintenjoe64 commented on Nintendo Confirms Mario Golf: World Tour DLC, ...:

@WiiULoveGBA I am pretty sure there's a quote with Iwata saying the opposite of everything that Nintendo have gone on to do, especially in the last 2 years.

I'm not too bothered either way about this, I will not complain if MK8 has additional tracks ready on day one if the price is fair and the tracks are the ones I want...... but it would be nice for Nintendo to do what they did for Smash fans with Brawl and actually make a game with lots of content on day one.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Talking Point: Horror and Metroid Could be a P...:

Keep Metroid as a platformery, adventurey, shooty game and make a new IP for a horror game and/or resurrect Eternal Darkness. Metroid is already at the right level of "horror". There should be bits that might scare people and get your heart pumping but you're a badass alien killing, bounty hunter. There should be nothing that scares Samus except the thought of Space Pirates turning Metroids into a weapon. All the tense/scary bits of the Metroid series have come naturally so I don't want or need them to change it up.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Wii U:
Will play Advance Wars if the weather turns bad. Maybe even some Mario Kart Wii, 64 and SNES. Just been reminded that I haven't completed Champion's Road on 3D World yet so might have to do that. Am fighting the urge to spend my last pennies on a bargain bin Wii U game.
I'm about to win my first game of Civ5:G&K on Prince difficulty (was a bit too easy) and am becoming a badass on GS:GO so Nintendo might play second fiddle to Steam again this weekend!



Nintenjoe64 commented on NPD Results Bring Solid 3DS Numbers as Wii U S...:

The Wii U numbers are not as big a worry as the pessimists think, the damage to Wii U has already been done. Nintendo doesn't take the console seriously outside of the few games we've seen lots of and the only thing that will change their attitude towards Wii U is if MK8 explodes sales. Even if sales went crazy in June, there are clearly no major games to keep that momentum and the summer is never a good time to sell consoles.

The 3DS numbers are my worry, the console is losing momentum and has pretty much blown its load in terms of software once Smash is gone. If 3DS stutters again, Nintendo will put even more effort into the 3DS and even less into Wii U. It might be doing well in a difficult market but Nintendo have been hoping for better as shown by their late reduction in targets!

@Falco I thought new Wiis don't play Gamecube games and haven't for a few years. Could be wrong but I think I remember lots of crying fanboys when they removed the BC.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Vita Overtakes 3DS in Tough Week for Japanese ...:

The calm before the Mario Kart storm. Pre-Mario Kart sales are going to be appalling for Wii U and even worse if they announce a bundle (which they don't seem to be doing which is crazy considering bundles are literally the only thing that has been selling Wii Us)



Nintenjoe64 commented on Nintendo Confirms Five Games That'll be Playab...:

Nintendo's lack of demos for 1st party games is stupid. One oval track for Mario Kart with one Kart would still be much better than a 3 month wait for any non-Lego games and would only make people desperate for the real game. It would barely affect their sales at all and would improve sales of pretty much every game on the eshop at the moment.
I think they want Wii U to fail so they can start again :)



Nintenjoe64 commented on Weirdness: Now You Can Transform Your GamePad ...:

Not so good for wheelies and stunts in MK..

I am surprised there weren't more of these and even a flight yoke thing for wii. I would use it if I could use the balance board for pedals but I'd still find a traditional controller easier. Definitely better value than my PC racing wheel which stopped being supported after XP.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Microsoft's Ken Lobb: Metroid Prime Wouldn't H...:

Twilight Princess sold more than Wind Waker and Skyward Sword so Nintendo were probably correct to pander to the fans who were after a 'darker' Zelda. The idiotic hipsters that pretend they've played every Mario, Metroid and Zelda just so they can sound credible when they hate on one particular entry in the series hold absolutely no power over what Nintendo choose next. People keep crying that game 'a' didn't sell well and will kill a franchise but that's not how Nintendo work. None of the Pikmins have sold well or made a success of their systems but they've tried 3 times. Nintendo have been very shy of completely new IP for Wii U so far but by Xmas they will only have Zelda left to make meaning there must be a chance for all those other IP. Nothing has sold well enough or sold enough systems to warrant a sequel so Nintendo will will have to revisit Star Fox, Metroid, Pilotwings etc or just try something new.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Play: We'll Be Doing The Twitch Thing With Mar...:

Yay! I might be at work though :(

I reckon NL should do a countdown of Nintendo Wifi games before they shut the service down. I have Battalion Wars, Conduit and loads of others that I've barely played but will miss them as soon as they shut the servers down!



Nintenjoe64 commented on Nintendo Is Working On The Next Mario Game, Bu...:

It's a shame if EAD are making another Mario. They're one of the best dev teams of all time and could probably shame most of the "AAA" game devs of today. I want to see something ambitious like Ocarina of Time was but in line with the new hardware.

Not buying unless it's "Mario's bad mushroom day" where eating a bad Mushroom convinces Mario to return to Brooklyn and re-educate New Yorkers in an ultra violent, psychedelic shoot em up with realistic graphics.



Nintenjoe64 commented on Wii Classic Controllers No Longer Being Manufa...:

In the last days of Blockbuster, all Wii controllers were 70% off. I got 3 x CCPro for £18.

I loved the original classic controller except for the silly ZL and ZR placement (which has rendered them useless for certain games). I hope Mario Kart 8 doesn't force me to upgrade all controllers. Good thing that Wii U Pro controllers are being sold cheap by most places though!