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Thu 2nd Jul 2009

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Nintendo-64 commented on Video: We Tackle The Dual-Stick vs. Motion Con...:

I can not play a shooter without Wiimote controlls...
But the motioncontrolls with the gamepad was not as bad as i imagined.
Maybe with a little bit of practice it can work pretty well but one thing is for sure and that is that the Wiimote and Nunchacku combo can not be beaten when controlling shooter or other games in the need for precision.



Nintendo-64 commented on Wii U Art Of Balance Release Date Confirmed Fo...:

It seems i have been a little bit misunderstood. I never said or meant that i just play games that are Nintendo exclusives. That would be just stupid. My point is that Shinen was a Nintendo only developer since the day they started their company. And all over the years it was like a member of the ,,family,, someone of a kind that is really rare these days,a developer comitting themself to one side and go through the good and bad times without jumping ship. I think im not the only Nintendo fan who feels that way. I mean they grew with us fans and they became a treasured part of the whole Nintendo community. I ask you,when did you see a developer with such an history like Shinen has? There grew a connection,a passion and proud that there is such a good and dedicated developer that stays with us and commit all their power in producing great games and use their given hardware in ways even the ,,big,, companies with million dollar budgets dont do are can.

Maybe im just to romantic or im thinking in old ways but that is just how i feel.

And Shinen said that they were very succesfull with all their eshop games so i do not think it is a financial reason why they put their game on PSN.



Nintendo-64 commented on Wii U Art Of Balance Release Date Confirmed Fo...:

To have preferences is called ,,dumb,, today!?! OK...

I just feel terribly dissapointed and you have to see that in offering their games on other platforms it is a lose for Nintendo,because exactly because their games are widely regarded people buy Nintendo hardware,too. In the end we Nintendofans need every unit sold to provide us fans with a wider variety of games wich Nintendo alone can not provide.

And that after saying that the eshop is very profitable for them why is there the need to ,,widen,, their market if they were able to survive for 15 years on Nintendo hardware alone!?!



Nintendo-64 commented on Weirdness: Earthbound Designer Shigesato Itoi ...:

He is playing with the lifes of many people when he is doing promotion for fruits which come from a radiated area where many children have first anomalies caused by the radiation. (Lymph nodes)
And you have to remind your self that the testing and controlling is maintained by the japanese government which is well known to be corrupt.
Do you really belive that those people who denied any problems for a long time and then became finally the ownder of TEPCO do really say the truth about that matter where so much money is involved!?! I just want to remind you of the so called ,,Atomic Village,, which is lobbying and even controll the government (is proven by former prime Minister Naoto Kan who was disgusted by their tactics and the pressure they put on him so he became an opponent to the ,,Atomic Village,, lobby and nuclear energy as a whole)



Nintendo-64 commented on Marty Reminds 3DS Users What Not To Do On Miiv...:

The problem is that some child molesters used swapnote to get in contact with children and ask for pictures with sexual content. If i remember it right there were even some of them captured by the police in japan.

It is a very difficult situation,at the moment they cant do good or bad because every move they make in this case is wrong for one side or another.

The outrage would be enormous if children really get raped because of Nintendos own services.



Nintendo-64 commented on Nintendo Removes Restriction On 18+ Content Fo...:


There is and never was such a law here in germany. Nintendo was just looking for a scapegoat when their OWN restrictions were discovered and they got heavily attacked by the players. I think the reason why Nintendo is ,,magically,, able to offer the service without these methods is that they finally spoke to german officials and asked if their own method of youth protection is allright and follow the german laws. It was just the lazynes on Nintendos side that heavily backfired on them. I hope i could answer your question.



Nintendo-64 commented on Annoyed About Age Restrictions On The Euro Wii...:

Oh my god! So much stupidity here. Can the majority here please start to use their brains!?! What is the problem with downloading 18+ titles just after 23 o clock? Just download it that time and then you can play it as much as you can. If i hear censorship in terms of germany i just just think about to facepalm. Censorship and youth protecting are two completly different things. No content is censored,the time when you can buy the software is just restricted so that children can not so easy get in contact with not suitable content.

@KeeperBvk You are right. The thinking that it is censorship and that germany is to blame for everything that happens in the world is just stupid.



Nintendo-64 commented on Dead or Alive Fails to Land a Hold on UK Charts:

To high price for a TOY and not really any ads either for the console and the game. So it is no miracle that both doesnt hit the expectations.

Im really a hardcore Nintendofan but with the whole 3DS thing Nintendo dissapoint me.



Nintendo-64 commented on Pachter: Nintendo Should Charge More for 3DS:

Such a thinking of that stock market/investment bank criminals caused all the financial crisis in history but mankind will never learn out of it failures.
Just please the stock holders. MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!



Nintendo-64 commented on Reggie Wonders Where Metroid: Other M Sales We...:

The game just stand no chance against the 3 Metroid Prime games. Retro Studios did an unbelivable job. You really feel that other M is no real Metroid game. It is just a generic action game and no fascinating adventure like the Prime games. And i cant understand why everyone thought or still think that Samus is a bad ass woman who kills thousands of monsters without emotion? If you played the Prime games you could really feel that Samus is a WOMAN with all the emotions you would expect from a woman. And that makes her so special and i could feel her mother instinct very strong at the end of Super Metroid.
You could really feel it. The way other M told the story and the atmosphere it tried to deliver just doesnt fit the character of Samus.
It is like the whole crew of other M never really played any game of the series or they have never understood Samus character.



Nintendo-64 commented on Sega Creates an Animal Crossing to Promote Son...:

In germany we have a lot of tunnels under streets for wandering animals like frogs,hedgehogs and so on. And now is the time were a lot of weak or ill hedgehogs are found so a lot people have some in there basements and help them to survive the winter and let them go in the spring again.



Nintendo-64 commented on The Nintendo Era is Over, Tweets Former Final ...:

That statement is really laughable. And Nintendo has already recognized Apple as their only enemy. That is what Satoru Iwata said a few month ago.

And by the way who with some intelligence use Apple products?!?
I dont even have a cell phone. There is just no reason to have one!
And who need internet on the go? That is ridiculus.



Nintendo-64 commented on Just What Is The Nintendo Zii?:

I think that is the name for the new Nintendo console.
I mean Wii=we Zii=see.

Maybe we see it at the next E3. The new Zelda launchtitel again? Like Twilight princes release on Wii and Zii?



Nintendo-64 commented on Mahjong Coming To WiiWare On Friday:

That isnt Majong... I have a real Majong game at home and this type of game uses the Majong play stones but it isnt Majong. Damn,i was really happy as i read this news but after i saw the trailer i was very dissapointet.

(sorry for my bad english)



Nintendo-64 commented on Call of Duty Comparison Shots Don't Do The Wii...:

Hello thats my first post on the side.
About the pictures. Why noone realize that those screens are the first screens shown by activision a few month ago!? On the picture that shows the features of the game they say:that it is the best looking Wii shooter so far. And i dont think they never heard of the conduit. By the way they said that they improve the graphics of W@W and if you look at the MW screens you see that those screens are much worse then W@W.