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Mon 25th February, 2013

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nintendawesome commented on Rumour: Could This Contra III Image Mean That ...:

I do wish they put SNES games on 3DS Virtual Console, which is why I made a petition for it here:

I know that, as Reggie Fils-Aime said, Nintendo's decisions aren't affected by petitions. However, if this petition gets enough signatures, then at least Nintendo may CONSIDER doing something about it. I'm not begging you to sign my petition, but, if you have time, it would be a good idea to sign it.
(Note: You may have to put some personal info when signing the petition, but none of it can be seen by anybody, except for maybe the creators of the website, and they don't look at it anyway. I, the creator of this petition, can only see your city and state, and that's it, so don't hesitate when signing, as your information is only used so that Nintendo and the creators of the website knows that the signatures are legit.)



nintendawesome commented on Weirdness: Zelda And Pokémon Revisited As 193...:

@Tasuki The last one is supposed to be Trine, which was released in 2009 for PC and PlayStation Network, released in 2010 for Mac OS X, and released in 2011 for Linux. It was published by Nobilis, worldwide. It was published by SouthPeak Interactive for North American retail. It was published by Loaded in Argentina. It was developed by Frozenbyte. Trine uses Nvidia's PhysX engine.