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Sun 24th Jul 2011

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ninjanna commented on Feature: A Night At The Theatre With Symphonic...:

Upon seeing the program for the concert, I was slightly surprised that only two games were chosen for the main arrangement material. Although Skyward Sword and The Wind Waker are both beautiful games with a recognisable soundtrack, it was probably not what the majority of fans expected. A surprise thrown in part way with Gerudo Valley was probably the only instantly recognisable piece while the rest, although beautiful in it's own way, didn't set my fan girl heart alight. I felt that the short motifs were too easily lost in the whole complexity of the arrangement and I found myself spending more time trying to guess which piece they arranged without referring to the program rather than sitting back and letting the music take me. I personally found the best parts were the pieces that kept faithful to the original score such as Dark World Theme and The Great Sea but even those pieces were sadly short and few in between. I think it might have worked better if they used material from more games from the series... Link's Awakening and Minish Cap's soundtracks both have very recognisable themes and it would have definitely impressed me if they were able to work the simple motifs into the final arrangements. I understand what the arrangers were going for in trying to tell a story via their massive arrangements but I felt that their choices slightly missed the mark to make a mediocre arrangement into something that resonates better with the fans, especially the ones that appreciate the music but are not classical music buffs. And no Fairy Fountain theme?! COME ON GUYS!!!



ninjanna commented on Nintendo Confirms a New Orchestral Zelda Conce...:

This will most definitely be a magical evening. The LSO's performance of last year's Final Symphony was breath-taking and I can only imagine how they will transform the source material from the Zelda games. Simply can't wait! I hope that they add something from A Link Between Worlds too, specifically Mother Maiamai's theme and Princess Hilda's theme.



ninjanna commented on Baker and OpCapita Deal Saves GAME:

I'm so relieved for the employees! Despite what people are saying or thinking about GAME charging too much for their stock, I have never had a bad experience when I'v stepped into a GAME store. I buy the majority of my games online because it's true that it's cheaper but having the presence of a specialised game store on the high street is very important for the industry too as the fact that it is a physical building, housing physical products that you can pick up, touch, look at and admire with the optional CHOICE to make a purchase straight away always beats looking at screenshots and demos online and after buying it, waiting 2-3 days for delivery. The store isn't there to sell cheap games to Penny-Pincher-Paul-Public, it's there to make a profit (as do ALL shops) but most importantly for us gamers, it is a central hub for gamers to gather whether you're a hardcore or casual player, long term veterans or first-time newbies. Also it's there for the special little things such as a point of call on major game launch days for the fans to come together to meet and befriend like-minded individuals, sharing their passion for being the first to get their hands on something they consider special and it's also for the small base of unusual customers, the grandmothers and grandfathers who wish to purchase the right game for their grandchildren, the girlfriend or boyfriend who wants to find something for their other half and needing advice as they know absolutely nothing about games and the young children who take their parents to show them the right game to buy for their birthday. Specialised shops aren't there to compete with online prices, on that subject there is no contest, it's there for so much more. You can spend as much time browsing the shelves and probably messing it up, touching the boxes, playing any available demos, talking to the staff, ask as many inane questions as possible before you drop £150 into their hands for that super special limited edition game with the dragon statue, but the best thing is that at the end of all that, you can still just walk away, hopefully with a bit more knowledge and a solid idea of what you want and buy it online for a cheaper price. Yes, the cheaper price always wins out but I bet you won't get such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable service sitting in front of the computer browsing on Amazone, HMC and I know that there are stores that will always sell games if GAME went out of business but I don't know about you, but if I wanted to spend £40 on a newly released game, I'd rather buy it from someone who actually knows, understands or appreciates games than clerk no.9 behind the check-out counter at Pesco's. I'm happy that GAME will be staying around for the foreseeable future. Whether the company name changes or stays the same, I hope the friendly staff and their happy customer service stays the same.



ninjanna commented on New Retro Magazine "Pixel Nation" Launches:

Oooh! I've just receive my brand spanking new copy through the post and had a quick flip through the pages and all I can state is "WOW!" I love the A5 format, it slips so easily into my girlbag and the cover art is amazing! I do prefer original artwork over digital stock art from games! Perusing the pages, glancing through the topics and admiring the layout, it gave me a sense of wonderful nostalgia... and then I realised why. Pixel Nation could almost be the love child of the, now defunct but super awesome, UK Super Play Magazine and the primary version of the US PSM (PlayStation Magazine) before it went rubbish! These two were, and still are, my favourite magazines of all time. I still flip through old copies now and then for the artwork and articles. The pages are full of personality and humour, cram-filled with information about all things game-related in the chosen format field without bordering on ultra geekdom. It was an elitist subject magazine, without the elitist attitude! For me, I think Pixel Nation is definitely going down the right track and I look forward to seeing what topics will be covered next issue and what art will grace the cover (please keep it original! I'm forever missing Will Overton's epic original covers for Super Play Magazine and the varied cover art styles for PSM). I will be supporting you, Pixel Nation! You have garnered a fan. I hope you will be able to offer subscriptions in the future! (^_^)... for everyone else... GO BUY IT NOW!