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United Kingdom

Tue 5th Apr 2011

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ninigou commented on Review: Shinobi (3DS):

I wouldn't give this game a score more than 7.

the psone era graphic is bearable, whereas the level design starting from level 5 is so horrible and relying way too heavily on cheap death,

the difficulty setting is so unbalanced, easy is way too easy but normal (with only 5 lives) is almost impossible in later levels (Im starting to wonder has any of the reviewers who gave it more than 7 actually finished the game on normal difficulty).

the early <Shinobi Series> is hard, but on the condition that each level won't last more than 7 minutes.
here in <Shinobi 3DS>, you have to struggle to stay alive for more than 25 minutes with only 5 lives accompanied by unbalanced level design and countless 1 hit death pitfalls.