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Thu 26th December, 2013

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ningeek185 commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:


Yeah, I agree. Although I do like Nintendo's controllers (the minority of them, anyway), I feel as though the Xbox and Playstation controllers feel better in the hands. Maybe it's just me, I don't know.

But having the screen implemented would be awesome because Nintendo knows how to use touch controls, as we all know.



ningeek185 commented on New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details:

I had an awesome idea for a controller. Imagine an Xbox or Playstation controller. Now, picture a thin groove vertically through the middle of the controller of the front and back. What if you could pull on one side of the controller and the two parts would separate, revealing a medium sized touch screen?

This would be incredible as you can choose to play in a more ergonomic controller or have the added touch controls with the screen.



ningeek185 commented on Talking Point: Considering the Future of Ninte...:

Absolutely adore the Directs, keep them going! Obviously they won't be nearly as enjoyable without Iwata on the stage, but even so, Nintendo could give someone else the spotlight just to give out the news.

You know what, they should just have Iwata's puppet do all the work.



ningeek185 commented on Nintendo Not Looking To Churn Out Yearly Seque...:

This is why I'm a Nintendo fanboy. Imagine getting a new Smash Bros. every year? Not only would the games get boring after a while, but it would put to much stress on the development team. I'd much rather have the Big N focus on delivering quality games than making more of the same.



ningeek185 commented on Poll: We Want Your Views on Splatoon Version 2.0:

@shani Umm, excuse me?! Do yourself a favor and look at half the comments on here. Obviously it's a server issue, not an Internet connection problem. I have a 25 Mbps download speed. Before you say that my internet is broken, maybe reconsider what you're saying.

Yes, it's a server problem.



ningeek185 commented on Splatoon's Massive New Update, to Version 2.0....:

@japfelix @Aromaiden

What I'm trying to say is that Splatoon's local multiplayer is broken and doesn't live up to the Big N's standards. Usually they offer awesome local play like they did in Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros.

However, Splatoon currently offers 1v1 battles outside of online matches with is definitely disappointing. And considering the fact that your friends can't even use Wii remotes, that mode is almost unusable (at least if you're like me and don't own multiple pro/classic controllers, which I'm guessing most of you don't either).

Oh, and where's local online play? They had it in Mario Kart and Smash Bros., so why not here?

Playing with friends online is great, but I was really hoping for some local action. Please Nintendo, fix this soon. Support your fans!



ningeek185 commented on Splatoon's Massive New Update, to Version 2.0....:

Splatoon is a lot of fun when playing solo, but when you're trying to play with friends it's a nightmare.

First of all, I only play online with people I know, not strangers off Miiverse. In the end, playing online with friends is pointless. Besides, most of my friends don't even have Wii U's. Face it Nintendo, people play with their friends on Xbox and Playstation. Proven fact.

On top of that, you can't even have your friends play with you locally without a classic controller or pro controller! What the hay, Nintendo! Seriously, I shouldn't have to go out and buy another controller JUST TO PLAY WITH MY FRIENDS.

Heck, you can't even do split-screen online multiplayer. I find this amusing because people marvel at Nintendo for being the only ones still offering local play. Advanced Warfare and Halo 5 are missing out on it, and as a result people gravitate toward Nintendo's split-screen games such as Mario Kart 8 and (even though it's not split-screen, it's still local multiplayer) Super Smash Bros. Realize that PEOPLE CARE. Give your loyal fanboys what they deserve.

Seriously Nintendo, you must've been smoking something strong when you were developing Splatoon.



ningeek185 commented on Video: This Trailer For Super Mario Maker Is R...:

Everything about this game seems like a dream come true. Small details such as the snap of the fingers when going into editing mode, or the hand on the screen make Super Mario Maker seem like an even better game. Hype, anyone?



ningeek185 commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

Shocked. Rest in peace, Iwata. Thanks for your commitment toward delivering quality games for young and old alike. You have given me and many others around the world several fond memories revolving around Nintendo games. Thank you.



ningeek185 commented on Ubisoft's Former Wii U Exclusive ZombiU Confir...:

Haha, Ubisoft made a huge mistake titling this game "Zombi". Not only does it sound out of place, but they clearly didn't intend to take the "U" out of ZombiU. I guess they were hoping to make a legendary third-party game for the Wii U.



ningeek185 commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Shipping This Time Next Ye...:

Absolute bogus. Why give details of the on your next home console at E3 2016 and release it a month later? Nintendo admits that they still have to satisfy their current Wii U owners, so I don't expect a new console coming within a year.