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Thu 26th December, 2013

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ningeek185 commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Shipping This Time Next Ye...:

Absolute bogus. Why give details of the on your next home console at E3 2016 and release it a month later? Nintendo admits that they still have to satisfy their current Wii U owners, so I don't expect a new console coming within a year.



ningeek185 commented on Editorial: Cheer Up, There Are Some Exciting G...:

Although Nintendo disappointed many by announcing an unwanted Metroid game and a baffling Animal Crossing for Wii U, you also have to think about the good news this brings, even though we may criticize the games themselves. At least Nintendo is bringing their old IPs back such as Metroid and Star Fox, and that's exciting news. On top of that, we know that a Metroid game will soon be in development for the NX.

Just like what Nintendolife said, there are still plenty of great games coming out this year even if they weren't exactly what we wanted. I'm hyped for Super Mario Maker, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, and Yoshi's Wolly World. Not all E3s are going to be dead-on perfect, and those that aren't don't ruin everything. It's more of a disappointment then anything, and, hey, life is full of disappointments. I'm not here to say that the Nintendo community should stop being infuriated, but rather to focus on the positives. Admittedly, I'm among the millions of Nintendo fans that were frustrated at Nintendo's Digital Event, but I've moved past that now. Let's just be Nintendo fans and nothing else.



ningeek185 commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

@ikki5 Well, do you want to be optimistic or not? Because if you don't think Star Fox will be done in time, then I guess it will have to be delayed. It's the same case with Zelda, too. Having delayed games isn't a bad thing, it just means that the company is working harder to make the game better.



ningeek185 commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

Whoever is complaining that Star Fox Zero should be on the 3DS, just stop. Without the Star Fox announcement at E3, the Wii U would have hardly any titles while the 3DS is stacked. Even if it was a remastered remake, the 3DS already has a Star Fox game. Be thankful that you got a massive plethora of good games for the 3DS that were shown at E3 this year.



ningeek185 commented on First Impressions: Our Maiden Flight In Star F...:

Yeah, I have to agree with you, Alex. The graphics are very unimpressive; however, you also have to consider the fact that Nintendo is supporting two screens and the Wii U runs on current-gen processors. Besides, it's a beta. Betas are there for the company to realize the game's issues and fix them. I'm not entirely worried about the outcome of Star Fox Zero.

Oh, and for those of you who are complaining about the controls, remember what Miyamoto said about a year ago: the gyros can be switched off. Although it doesn't solve all problems, it's better than waving your GamePad around like a lunatic.



ningeek185 commented on Metroid Prime: Federation Force Is The Metroid...:

Although it was clearly not the game we were anticipating, it still seems fun. Yes, the main characters should've been Samus and yes, Nintendo shoud've focused on a 3D Metroid Prime for the Wii U; however, I think Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a solid successor to Metroid Prime Hunters on the DS.



ningeek185 commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3 Digi...:

Overall, the presentation itself was...underwhelming. Nintendo made fans expect a lot of great surprises for the Wii U's library, but instead we got a ton of unoriginal 3DS games. Nintendo, I thought you promised wii U owners would be satisfied with their systems! You're beginning to lose my faith. Where was QOL, NN3DS exclusives, and Zelda Wii U?! Star Fox looks great, though. Thank you for that. But everything else? Underwhelming, that's for sure. VERY underwhelming.



ningeek185 commented on Poll: Which Characters Do You Want to Win the ...:

Shovel Knight. I'm desperate for a portrayal of him in 3D.

Think about it: what if you could change the types of Knights on the character select menu, just like Bowser Jr.? If not, what about having a transformation move similar to Shulk's Monando Arts?



ningeek185 commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

Even though the Wii was my first gaming console, I'm still considered a retro gamer having the original NES system. Because of that I'm not going to easily adapt to virtual reality. With that said, I really hope Nintendo doesn't go that far with their technology.

However, I am looking forward to a fresh console with (finally) interaction between home and handheld consoles. While it's possible that Sony and Microsoft will jump into virtual reality soon, Nintendo should stick with their traditional mechanics. If Nintendo wants to look toward virtual reality for "new experiences", they should reconsider their options. Companies have already developed virtual reality headsets, so Nintendo wouldn't really be making anything new and previously found nowhere else.



ningeek185 commented on Mobile Developers Extremely Positive About Nin...:

I understand why many of you are concerned about Nintendo's move to mobile, but I wouldn't be. Several people at my school talk about having Nintendo games on their smartphones. Once Nintendo lands a fantastic Mario game on The App Store/Google Play, they have officially struck gold.



ningeek185 commented on Talking Point: It's Time for a Nintendo Direct...:

Nintendo still needs to answer some of my questions, and hopefully those include some release dates:

  • Super Smash Bros. Mewtwo DLC release date
  • More information on amiibo stock
  • Release date for amiibo NFC cards
  • Release dates for Yoshi's Wolly World, Splatoon, and Mario Maker
  • At least general release dates for Star Fox and Zelda (Q3, Q4, etc.)
  • An official name for the upcoming Zelda title...I can hardly wait to hear the name!
  • Mario Kart DLC (Animal Crossing) release
  • GameCube and N64 Virtual Console release


ningeek185 commented on Rumour: A Planned 2.5D Metroid Title For 3DS G...:

Look, I've never really been into Metroid because I haven't played any of the games; however, I couldn't help my self but to give Metroid Prime Trilogy a shot after it was re-released on the Wii U eShop. After the first few minutes of playing, I realized that Nintendo needs to get their act together and develop a hardcore fanbase for the Wii U. With such a great franchise, why not use it?

There are people like me who haven't played Metroid: Other M, but who want another Metroid game. Doesn't everyone want an HD Metroid game for the Wii U? C'mon Nintendo, Samus hasn't been finding enough bounty lately.



ningeek185 commented on Talking Point: It's Time to Salute The Nintend...:

Mobile gaming is awful compared to Nintendo's line is handhelds. Heck, the Game Boy is more enjoyable than smartphone games. The only two games I play on my iPod are Clash of Clans and Madden Mobile. Other than that, it's a waste of my time.

I really hope Nintendo makes another handheld among the DS line, because those systems have impacted my childhood greatly.