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Sun 4th Sep 2011

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Nin-freak commented on Wii U on Plenty of U.S. Christmas Lists:

Woah, I didn't think Nintendo was marketing very well. But maybe they really have been marketing more than I think.

I hate Apple. they sell products by their name not by quality. Nintendo at least doesn't take advantage of their name and not try to make a good quality product with a large leap from the previous system they launched.



Nin-freak commented on First Image of Wii U eShop Surfaces:

I'd prefer a more professional look, but with a lot of kids as customers they like to keep it simple. Maybe offer a professional menu design and also a simple one? I'd love that, and it's easy to do. Lots of websites do it.



Nin-freak commented on Nintendo Cuts Profit Projections After Half-Ye...:

Why do they take all their earnings from America and EU and exchange them into Yen? Why not keep that money in a bank and use it to pay the employees there, buy advertising there, etc. I don't really know how all that works, I'm just curious.



Nin-freak commented on Wii U In-Game Voice Chat Won't Use GamePad Mic...:

IN GAME CHAT! Not out of game chat. The reason for this is obvious. The microphone is close to the speaker. During a game the sound from the speaker would blot out your voice and the microphone is therefore unusable when the speakers are on.



Nin-freak commented on 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro Release Date Confirmed:

Looks better designed than the smaller version. In fact, I find the XL still too small for perfect comfort. Your fingers still hit each other behind the console This might make it a perfect size for absolute comfort.



Nin-freak commented on Wii U Pre-Orders Selling Out in the U.S.:

I'll just go to my local Meijer store the day it comes out. They don't offer pre-orders, and it's for a good reason. Plus most people who want electronics don't go there, so they always have them in stock.



Nin-freak commented on The Definitive Guide To Wii U:

White Deluxe? Why? Black is a professional look for the core Deluxe gamers 8)

IN all honesty, I agree. Silly to make only one color for each package deal, but it does lower confusion.



Nin-freak commented on Feature: The Best Soundtracks on Wii:

Nintendo should seriously make an online video game music store, where you can download music tunes to your console. And maybe even on an online account so you can add it to your PC!



Nin-freak commented on Talking Point: The Pros and Cons of 3DS XL:

The design is SO MUCH BETTER!!! I'm tempted to buy it simply for that! The stupid design of the current model gets so greasy and dusty, and it's also ackwardly put together. With that annoying ridge around the top screen that collects dust, including around the depth slider. My depth slider broke from debris collecting in that groove. Looks so much better on the XL! And the buttons on the bottom look better, the power buttons is smaller and sunken into the system, as well as a better battery and larger screens. I so want this! I'm willing to sell my ambassador system to upgrade. That's how much I love this new design!



Nin-freak commented on 3DS XL Trade Price is Just £146:

@C-Olimar Not necessarily true. Nintendo purposely kept the price down to $199 in America. The main reason is because we are the largest market, which means you don't have to make as much money off of each console.



Nin-freak commented on Bigger Nintendo 3DS Console Revealed:

It's not made out of that glossy, dust collecting, material!!! I would get this if I didn't already have one Nintendo I don't have the money for all the good stuff you send at us. Try sending the XL at the same time as the smaller version and let people decide which one they want!!!



Nin-freak commented on First Impressions: Pikmin 3:

@Wesker You must not be aware that Pikmin 2 was a top seller on the Gamecube. You also have to note that no series can get popular unless they release games for it!!! You can't say, "well the first game wasn't popular in that franchise, lets just ditch it". Seriously?



Nin-freak commented on Preview: Wii U Hands-On:

@Corbs So is the screen similar to the 3DS, as in "squishy" in texture? If it is, I'm wondering if it will feel weird to slide your finger across the screen?