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Wed 26th October, 2011

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NImH commented on Interview: Bertil Hörberg Jumps Back Into the...:

GC1 is easily one of the best games on the eShop. I always recommend it to people. As for the request for "full color" as a upward progression to GC3, I couldn't disagree more. The current design style is intentional, and I say it's wonderful. I like the variation this time around, but going full color would cause the game to lose its unique visual charm.



NImH commented on Off-TV Play Coming to 1001 Spikes on Wii U:

Tyrone's so irritating to me. The fact that he's such an unapologetic, bashing, Wii U-hater and yet makes money off of us gets under my skin. I just can't bring myself to buy 1001 Spikes... and I own Cave Story, Night Sky and VVVVV.



NImH commented on E3 2014: Intelligent Systems Will Reveal New A...:

"Nintendo, why U always gotta put out the same games over and over?"
"Check out our news games! Splatoon! S.T.E.A.M.!"
"Nintendo, when U gonna put out another Advance Wars? Fire Emblem? Metroid? Majora's Mask?"



NImH commented on Renegade Kid Moving On To A "New Experimental ...:

That's a bummer... Well, like others have said, I'm still looking forward to Treasurenauts, Moon, those additional levels for 3DS Mutant Mudds, and MM2. It seems like they've got enough to work on. Keep on keeping on Renegade Kid!



NImH commented on Ubisoft Now "Fully Focused" On Making The Wii ...:

Yeeeah boyyeee! The best that it can be will hopefully be better than the rest, as far as gameplay and overall experience is concerned. We already know that it'll be the lesser version graphically, but I couldn't care less about that. Arkham City Armored Edition was the best version of that title because of the gamepad elements. Watchdogs could be another case of the same.



NImH commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

I'll be haggling with Rusty and swatting Lightning Balls in Rusty's Real Deal Baseball, tending to my mayoral duties in AC: NL, and grinding away in EO: The Millennium Girl. I'll also be spending some quality family game time with my kids in 3D World.
@MAN1AC I love Radiant Historia. You've reminded me that I need to finish that... it's been so long though, I may need to restart. That storyline mechanic is brilliant.



NImH commented on Review: WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (Wii...:

9/10 <- truth. I've loved this game since GBA. It's a statement about what does and doesn't make video games fun. If you've ever witnessed someone really playing this game, they cannot help but look like a madman. Such a great game.



NImH commented on Subtle Character Design Changes Spotted for No...:

The American on the dev team reminded the Japanese designers that cosplay had gotten huge here in the West... they didn't wanna subject the world to that. You can't bank on common sense here in America. It would've been "lightsaber kid" all over again.



NImH commented on Review: Super Mario Kart (Wii U eShop / Super ...:

There's no feeling like holding a SNES controller and owning in Super Mario Kart. The GBA era tried to recreate the magic with Super Circuit, but the original just can't be touched. It's in my top ten of all-time.



NImH commented on News: Indie Parkour Title Hover: Revolt of Gam...:

@6ch6ris6 since you hate our ignorance of freerunning and parkour, do the public service of explaining the difference. Educate us, because besides watching parkour bails on YouTube, and knowing that Luigi is the master of the sport, I'm pretty much one of the ignoramuses who think they're the same thing.
This game looks really dang rad, for the record.



NImH commented on Review: Ninja Gaiden (Wii U eShop / NES):

Great review @zipmon. I love this game. Joe Walker once made a point about difficult games that I love. He said that, if a games difficulty is ultimately what keeps you from playing it, you're probably playing videogames for the wrong reasons. Ninja Gaiden is friggin hard, but it's also friggin awesome!



NImH commented on Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl Com...:

Millennium Girl is my first EO title, and I had to comment just to say how great it is. I've been wondering why more people weren't playing it here on Nlife, and I've only just realized it wasn't out in Europe yet.
I've never really been into dungeon-crawlers before, but I do love The Millennium Girl.