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Thu 24th Jan 2008

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nikachus01 commented on Yamauchi's Heirs Have "Desire To Sell" Shares ...:


There are to possible scenarios when a company buys back it's own shares:

1. The shares are bought back by the company and they are then cancelled. They will cease to exist and thus no-one is entitled to them anymore and the total number of shares in the company is decreased; or

2. The shares are bought back and the company classifies them as as Teasury Shares". The possession of these shares by the company does not give the company the right to vote, to exercise rights as a shareholder or to receive dividends. They are essentially deemed to be unissued capital and and they can subsequently be sold again to investors (unlike cancelled shares which no longer exist).

So either way, it does not grant Nintendo any further rights or votes to anything, it is just a way to manage the ownership/capital structure of the company.



nikachus01 commented on Nintendo Posts 70 Billion Yen Net Loss in Past...:

The major reason for the loss that has been recorded for the quarter from what I have read is attributable to Foreign Exchange losses of 52.4 billion due to the majority of sales occurring in international markets. As the Yen has been quite strong, this is beyond Nintendo's control really and is up to the market to determine the FX rates. Although, releasing more software wouldn't hurt either!