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Nico07 commented on Nintendo Download: 27th August (North America):

Already have Sin and Punishment Star Successor on disc, but will be getting the Wii U VC update for the original. Runbow looks interesting as does Brave Tank Hero Wii U. Those and Disney Infinity with a slew of plastic Star Wars figures for me.



Nico07 commented on Talking Point: The Argument For And Against am...:

I for one couldn't care less. For one amiibo are figurines that you are not getting by using this device. Secondly it's not piracy, period. You are using a hack to unlock functions that are available in games that you already own. You are not pirating the software you are playing, you're simply using an NFC tag to use a function of the software you already paid for. I for one have most of current amiibo range (except for Lucario and Greninja, you happy scalpers?!) but this device wouldn't deter me in the slightest from buying any more amiibo. Who cares if someone unlocks a DK suit in MK8? Or plays against a NFC figure in Smash? I could see some collectors that don't open their collections buying this to get the functionality out of their amiibo that they don't want to unbox their collection to use. Still this device doesn't seem like it will take off, it's not going to increase in value like amiibo.



Nico07 commented on Mario History: Mario Kart 64 - 1997:

@Splatmaster You're right on in that MK64 had some of the best all time battle arenas. To make Mario Kart 8 even better, Nintendo should just remaster and add each of the MK64 arenas and then call it a day.



Nico07 commented on Mario History: Mario Kart 64 - 1997:

I remember this game well, at the time the visuals were excellent and the racing was very fun. This game still has my all time favorite battle arena of Block Fort. I loved Bowser's Castle in this game and was glad they remade it for the Wii. Looking back I have a hard time deciding which was my favorite between this and Diddy Kong Racing that released nearly a year later. Definitely two of the most influential kart racers out there, despite the fact that MK64 introduced the loathed blue shell. But Mario Kart Wii ruined the blue shell for me when you could be hit by it six or seven times in a single race.



Nico07 commented on Mario History: Super Mario 64 - 1996:

Great piece for a great game. I remember working as a kid to save up for a Nintendo 64 and this game at launch. It truly was groundbreaking in many ways, fluid 3D gameplay, 360 degree movement with the joystick, and excellent level design. I enjoyed the past Mario games but when this released it showed what the future would hold for 3D gaming.



Nico07 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Dismissal of Chris P...:

@Dankykong I know you are probably joking, but suicide can and is a serious problem. While Chris may have stepped out of the bounds of what his position allowed him to talk about, it's just difficult because he didn't really say anything damaging about the company. He was just honest and maybe not as professional as they had wanted. Chris's worth isn't any less for being fired from his job, and I'm sure he will do well in life at some other company. That's life, we make mistakes, we learn, we move on. I'm sure he still has a great appreciation for Nintendo as a company and his Nintendo co-workers who are sad to see him go.



Nico07 commented on Nintendo Download: 13th August (North America):

I'd love to pickup Pandora's Tower, but the disk version goes for practically the same price online. I might hold off for a sale to grab the digital version. Pandora's Tower, The Last Story, and Xenoblade Chronicles are all games I would love to pickup. If Xenoblade Chronicles comes to the eShop anytime soon, it will be a day one pickup for me.



Nico07 commented on Skylander SuperChargers Racing On Wii And 3DS ...:

@Will-75 Yeah the amiibo functionality will be nice, both DK and Bowser have read/write support in Smash and Mario Party 10. I'm fairly set on picking up the Wii U Dark Pack at launch and then waiting out to see if the Wii or 3DS versions go on sale around Black Friday (US Nov 27). I had originally planned to get only the starter pack and maybe an air and sea vehicle, but now with the Adventure Packs including the vehicles, matching characters and a trophy to unlock a race track I may have to buy all three plus the two Starter Packs.



Nico07 commented on Nintendo Won't Rule Out Giving Yooka-Laylee Ad...:

@CB85 I doubt that, they have already requested which platform backers would like it to be delivered on. Despite owning a Wii U, PS4, and XBox One, I chose to have it delivered on the Wii U. They did just send out an announcement this past week that the development team would be taking two release waves with Xbox One, PC, PS4, and Wii U in the first, and then Vita in the second (roughly a month or so later). So yes, there's always the possibility this game could be cancelled for Wii U but I would say those odds are very slim and Vita would be the more likely candidate.



Nico07 commented on Chris Pranger From Nintendo Treehouse Discusse...:

That's why there are digital distributions on the eShop to cut the marketing and retail costs. Yes, we are lucky to get the games that we have but sometimes its difficult to look at finished games like Mother 3 on GBA and question why it hasn't gone to the 3DS or Wii U eShop. The game is made with no further translations needed, simply a debug team to validate it works on the consoles. I would think they would have at least 10,000 in sales.



Nico07 commented on Disney Infinity Sales Struggling To Maintain M...:

@Ryu_Niiyama All of my Infinity and Amiibo are usable characters, though for my amiibo I've kept them in their boxes while removing the foil sticker so they can be used. I realize it probably cuts their value, but frankly I bought them to use them and see what cool functionality Nintendo gives them. As for Infinity they are nice collectibles and my kids favorite game to play and have fun with.



Nico07 commented on Disney Infinity Sales Struggling To Maintain M...:

@rjejr Give them a few years and maybe we'll see some classic figures. They have mentioned that fan outcry is what has driven several of the new characters (Boba Fett, Mulan, Olaf). That's if the whole toys to life balloon doesn't pop with so many choices and options today.



Nico07 commented on Disney Infinity Sales Struggling To Maintain M...:

@boyika I could say the same about Lego Dimensions as you're saying about Disney Infinity. Disney Infinity is about exploration and creation, whereas Skylanders is just about exploration. I don't see Infinity as just a cash grab, though I think 2.0 was a little bland compared to 1.0. That said I still managed to pickup every 1.0 and 2.0 figure (55) and the Collector's Edition as well. But I think the appeal for many was lost in 2.0's offering. That said 3.0 has a lot going for it, Star Wars, several really talented third party studios, kart racing pack, better dungeon crawler mode, better progressions and gameplay for adventure modes.

I had collected many Skylanders (95), and most Amiibo (48 missing Greninja and Lucario). But going into this next wave of toys to life I'm only planning on collecting amiibo, Star Wars Infinity, and probably the Dark Skylanders pack for Wii U with a flying and water vehicle. Lego Dimensions has it's good qualities but I'll likely wait to pick up any of it until it gets a hefty price cut going on sale sometime in the next six months to year.

Spend any time collecting any of these figures and you'll quickly loose shelf and tote space though.



Nico07 commented on Gallery: Take a Look at the Super Mario Happy ...:

@Aromaiden McDonalds lets you purchase the toys free of the happy meals if you choose. Pricing is another story though. When the Mario Kart toys were out last year the first location I went to charged me $1, another $1.60, and a third $2.00. So pricing may vary.



Nico07 commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Game Updates and DLC...:

I love the content and pricing for Mario Kart 8 DLC, and frankly would love to see more of it given it doesn't hugely take away from development of the next MK game on NX. The content is Splatoon is great as well and few could argue with it being free. The only one that people have really disliked has been the cost more than anything for Smash content. It is the most expensive, but we just need to remember its optional. You buy as much or as little as you choose. In fact if you hate it you simply don't buy any. I've bought it all so far and feel that I've had a pretty good return on what I've paid for compared to other DLC. I also want to support Nintendo's decision to have DLC in games because it adds replayability and value to our games and Wii U purchases.
On the flip side it's sad that third party devs have shunned the Wii U with DLC content since its inception. Most Wanted U offered some DLC as included content, but lacked the airport and huge collection of cars available on every other platform. It's almost a given that when you buy a third party game on Wii U, you should expect to not see any future DLC for that title. It's pretty sad and pathetic if you ask me.



Nico07 commented on Genyo Takeda and Shigeru Miyamoto Share Belief...:

@JaxonH I know his last reported twitter message to the public was that Nintendo would try and do better in the future. But yeah in a way it's sad that he had to appeal to a large group of Nintendo customers crying and whining about this E3.



Nico07 commented on Editorial: Satoru Iwata Embodied The Playful B...:

@Takerkaneanite6 Well put, gamers can be very passionate about their hobby online with a fair sense of cynicism, and frankly a lot of entitlement. That said it's difficult to not be passionate about your favorite Nintendo franchises and lack of new content for some of them, or a vision different than your own. Nintendo under Iwata's leadership rarely disappointed, and like you mentioned hopefully he was able to distance himself from the negativity and have some meaningful time with his family and friends prior to his passing. At 55 he was still fairly young by today's standards. I wonder if he knew what was coming because he seemed to radiate optimism despite the low five year surviveability rate of the particular cancer found in his body. The gaming world as a whole seems a little more empty without his presence. I'm not too concerned for Nintendo's future, Nintendo has some highly skilled developers that will continue Iwata's legacy. Though they will be hard pressed to find someone as open with the public as Iwata was in his Nintendo Direct's.



Nico07 commented on Obituary: Satoru Iwata:

@SBurness He had and was recovering but the type of cancer he had (bile duct growth) has a very low five year chance of survival. Still this doesn't make news of his passing any less surprising. He truly led a very successful era at Nintendo.



Nico07 commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

This is about as surprising news as I have ever heard. I suppose death is the heritage we all share. I am certain that Satora Iwatais in a better place though we will miss his warm personality in Nintendo Directs. His vision and inspiration have driven Nintendo to its current level of success over the past decade and Satoru Iwata-san will be missed. Thanks for all the great experiences you have given us.



Nico07 commented on Mojang is Still Open to Bringing Minecraft to ...:

I'll believe it when I see it. Still it would be a definite purchase for me on Wii U and 3DS if it happens. The use of standard controls with optional touchscreen inventory and gyroscope assisted controls (ala Splatoon) would be great. Mario or other Nintendo themed add-on worlds would be nice. Still I would assume that past Console sales would be the reason why Wii U hasn't received Minecraft.



Nico07 commented on Nintendo Download: 9th July (North America):

@iflywright Absolutely, it's interesting that Pilotwings 64 never released as a VC title though on the Wii. I will still likely pick up Mario Tennis 64 at the $2 upgrade price. On the one hand it's nice that Nintendo is adding a few more surprise N64 VC titles (Ocarina of Time), but on the other there are better titles that should arrive first (F-Zero, WaveRace, Smash, Cruis'n USA, Kirby64, etc).



Nico07 commented on Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Gets a Timely Boost wi...:

My local arcade/bowling alley/go cart location has two of these with one that has been down for weeks. I'll have to stop by and see if they received the update. I wonder if Nintendo reps stop by and update these or how they are updated.



Nico07 commented on Epic Indie Sale For Wii U eShop Is On Its Way ...:

Sad that I already own ten of these games, so I can't really take advantage of this deal. Shantae and Mighty Switch Force stand out to me as my favorites. Will likely grab the second Switch Force as I don't own it yet.



Nico07 commented on Star Fox Zero Controls are NOT Difficult or Br...:

The media in general had a bad reaction to Splatoon's motion controls with one article citing that disabling them fixed an otherwise broken game. When in fact those of us who actually tried out the motion controls preferred them. Can't wait to try it out Star Fox Zero myself when it launches this December.



Nico07 commented on Rumour: Nintendo NX Shipping This Time Next Ye...:

I could see NX releasing next November, but for Nintendo not to talk in detail about it until June 2016 and then release it in July of the same year seems a little rushed. Still I'm game for whenever it releases and am excited to see what gaming experiences Nintendo has in the works.