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Fri 3rd Aug 2012

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nicko500 commented on Toki Tori - Game Boy Color Giveaway:

Ha ha, I'd never heard of this game until today. I thought it was brand new and that they were releasing it on Game Boy Colour for novelty retro reasons!!! Seeing as I thought they were asking fans to come up with a background for the character, I came up with this: Toki Tori comes from the land of forgetfulness. One day, Toki Tori's mum and dad went to find some lunch for their children. They brought Toki Tori along with them on their search for food but they forgot to wake up his brothers and sisters from their eggs and bring them along too!!! Now, his brothers and sisters have been kidnapped and Toki Tori must be the hero everyone forgets he is! Toki Tori will have to solve lots of puzzles to find his siblings but nothing will stop Toki Tori from forgetting to rescue his brothers and sisters!!! When he does, everyone in the land of forgetfulness will remember the hero Toki Tori!!!