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Mon 24th Sep 2012

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nick21 commented on Review: Pokédex 3D Pro (3DS eShop):

I'd just like to know how someone can actually go about purchasing this? It just says "Coming to Nintendo eShop". Am I going to have to wait until 11:59 tonight or something before it can be downloaded? Or am I just the only one who can't download it?



nick21 commented on Why the White 3DS XL Didn't Ship to Europe or ...:

If I didn't want to get the XL so badly, I probably would have waited for something like silver or all black since I'd rather have a color that draws less attention. But I hadn't bought a handheld before so I really wanted it and decided to get blue once it came out. It looks so cool that I don't even care about the black or silver anymore and I'm kind of glad I didn't have those other options to choose from, or else I wouldn't have gotten this awesome blue one. The pictures of them on Nintendo's site were just lies...Awful lies...But it made for an awesome surprise when I took it out of the box.

Still, even though I won't be buying them since I own one already, more colors would be cool to see. The way I'm imagining a purple one, it'd look amazing. And all black, that'd look sweet for sure. Hoping they'll come out with some brand new colors for the US asap =