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Nibelilt commented on Gallery: A Closer Look At 13 amiibo Toys:

Is it just me, or does Wii Fit Trainer look kind of crosseyed?

Out of these 13, I just particularly want Pit. Fox also looks especially cool here, but I don't care about Fox himself enough to actually get his amiibo.
I really want the Palutena, Robin and Greninja amiibo as well. 'Cause I really like those characters. (Well, not Robin so much because I don't particularly care for FE, but I'm reeeaaaallllllllllyy excited to use Robin in Smash. :)) I'm considering getting/would like others, but Robin, Greninja, Pit and Palutena are the only definite buys for me.



Nibelilt commented on Twitch is Going to Play Pokémon X on a Modded...:

Quickly! Someone start spamming the circle pad and then d-pad so they're stuck switching the rollerblades on and off!

I don't think it's absurd that TPP has kept going, despite being so repetitive. It seems most people stick around for the community rather than the game (and a lot of people don't even watch the stream).
I haven't bothered going on the Twitch page once since Platinum, though, which I checked once. IMO the run with the best story was Crystal, which started horribly but ended pretty well. Red was the most fun to watch because there was a lot of novelty to it. I didn't watch much of anything after that, but it seems boring since there's little novelty left and each new game starts off slow.



Nibelilt commented on Skylanders Trap Team on Wii Will, Surprisingly...:

This seems funny to me because I just posted about this on the game's page here. :P There's no reason NOT to buy the Wii Starter Pack unless you want a physical Wii U copy or a box with the Wii U label. The Wii version is slightly cheaper in the US, IIRC- and essentially gives you a bonus copy, which you don't really need but it certainly isn't a bad thing.

@DefHalan They use different Portals, the 3DS one works via Infrared.



Nibelilt commented on Skylanders Trap Team:

Protip: If you want this version of the game, buy the Wii Starter Pack instead- because it comes with a free download code for the Wii U version, essentially giving you a free bonus copy of the game for Wii (and saving you some money, because the Starter Pack for the Wii costs less).



Nibelilt commented on Guide: All You Need to Know on Mario Kart 8 Ch...:

"Although all stats could potentially benefit you in some way, speed is naturally the most important, with acceleration and handling not far behind."
I don't know if this changed from MK7, but handling was pretty unimportant there. While you can use it to make turns a little tighter, you ultimately get used to the way a poor-handling combo moves after you've used it for a while. This is partly why you see the most people use Red/Monster Tires there, despite their poor handling (both variations give absolutely no boost to land/sea/sky handling).



Nibelilt commented on Video: Mario Kart 8 Isn't The Only New Mario K...:

There's a Mario Kart arcade game at a cinema near me. Had fun playing it, though they're probably not going to upgrade to a newer one soon. The Peach Castle course looks cool. :)

"Not only does it showcase the usual combat racing action, but you can also combine your powers with another player to create a super-powerful "Fusion Kart" capable of firing shells at rival drivers."
Crash: Tag Team Racing, anyone? :P



Nibelilt commented on Ninja Pizza Girl Wants Kickstarter Campaign to...:

I like the design concept, but the game itself looks bland so far. The graphics are bland and for a runner, it looks like it might not be fast enough.
@Kaze_Memaryu Rayman Jungle Run is a good runner that has levels rather than a randomized endless stage. You collect the lums/coins in each stage, with no real scoring system. The difficulty is kind of cheap in some of the later stages, but it's charming enough that it doesn't get too frustrating and for the most part the stages aren't too long. I didn't play it much but the sequel, Fiesta Run, also seems pretty good.



Nibelilt commented on CoroCoro Magazine Reveals Mega Metagross for P...:

I am so glad that his Mega won't be Mega Charizard X like some soeculated from the last scan. CharX has enough publicity, and doesn't even fit with Steven. I'm also really glad that we're getting a Mega Metagross instead of just having him Megavolve Aggron or something. :)

It's one of those Megas that doesn't look that different and while I certainly don't think it's one of the best-looking Megas, I think it looks nice.



Nibelilt commented on Controversy Arises at U.S. Pokémon Nationals ...:

This does nothing but make predicting the Aegislash easier, since you can notice the Ball it's in. And that's not something in his favour.

Also, as someone else mentioned earlier, you still need to breed even if you do use Powersaves. I don't have one, but I don't think it has any Perfect IVs cheat and I don't think there's anything like past Pokémon-creation programs for Gen VI yet. The Aegislash still had to be bred legitimately.

From what I read- though I don't remember where (possibly his statement?)- he had someone else breed it and only had about 60 hours on his game cart. If anything, that's worth complaining about more than an impossible Poké Ball which hardly even matters.

All-in-all, I'm not bothered by this, since it doesn't affect anything in his favour. The only thing that would affect anything in his favour would be getting others to breed his 'mons for him/generating them, which would give him more time to practice.
Considering how stupid the breeding process is- I just think, mnyeh... I honestly dislike it so much that I do RNG abuse in past gens instead of breeding in XY, unless nessicary for the Pokémon I want. But I do see how you could see that as an issue, too, since that is an unfair advantage, at least to some extent.



Nibelilt commented on Four Students Set New Mario Kart Marathon Worl...:

With the help of some Ferrero Rocher, I played online races on 7 for 12 hours straight two days ago. After a certain point I started playing more badly, then after a day of being awake and another half-day of playing Mario Kart 7, had a "nap" for 11 hours.



Nibelilt commented on Fancy Pattern Vivillon Now Available as Pokém...:

I'm glad this came out as a Mystery Gift. If they had given it out by Global Link or something, only to people who traded, I wouldn't get one. I've never touched the GTS.

Thanks to everyone who went trading on the GTS! Agreed with others, it's sad we haven't gotten more events by now. I actually had the chance to get the Electabuzz/Magmar ones, but my store was out of the cards by the time I asked, so I never did.

Also, GameBoy's Pokémon TCG is coming out on the VC? :O If it comes out in Aus at the same time as Europe, I'll probably get it. I remember playing that game a lot.



Nibelilt commented on Review: Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (...:

‘The franchise licensing is so cynical that Activision presents us with "Press Y to View Licensing Agreement!" on the main menu.’

This seems like it might be part of Activision's games now. I noticed the same thing in Skylanders: Swap Force. (At least on the X360 version.)



Nibelilt commented on E3 2014: Nintendo Planning To Release Amiibo F...:

"We'll probably prepare a more standard Mario family line of amiibo characters that includes your typical Mario designs and typical Peach designs. Those figures would be the ones you use with Mario Party 10 or potentially with Mario Kart 8."

I was excited until I heard about this. The figures look great and I like the idea of using each in a wide range of games where each would play differently. Now I'm more cautious than hyped. I'll probably still buy a number of them because I want some Nintendo figurines to display but this made me much less interested in actually playing with them and now I probably won't go after a whole set (even before this, I really wasn't sure because I'm afraid they'll be really expensive here).
Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they're going to do new versions of characters at some point anyway, since they can't keep re-issuing old ones but... This makes it sound like they won't be that hesitant about making a whole bunch you can pick from, and then I can see that becoming an issue with all the different games and I'd really hate if if they went too far with specialising figures for a lot of games. Maybe I'm just being cynical about it, but then if they do it right I'll be pretty happy about it :P I'm just going to keep my hopes for this low now.

Gotta get every Greninja one no matter what though



Nibelilt commented on Feature: Memories of the Wii and DS Wi-Fi Conn...:

I already wrote about what I did before WFC closed down. Besides the Wi-Fi Plaza, I don't think I'll miss anything else too much, and with the Wi-Fi Plaza I'm only going to miss it much because SoulSilver is my favourite DS game.

I never got to play any Wii game online (I might have played Mario Kart Wii but I don't really remember it), but I did play a few DS games. Friend Codes were really a pain, though, and because a lot of the DS games I wanted to play forced you to use them I didn't get to play any much (never got to play Tetris DS multiplayer over Wi-Fi /cries/).

My fondest WFC memories outside of SoulSilver's Wi-Fi Plaza come from Animal Crossing: Wild World. I remember going on Animal Crossing Community (as GamingMaster_76) and getting to know a couple of people there. It was actually the first forum I joined. I stalked the site for a while before I did join, then I asked a few people if I could add them as a friend on the game once I did. I remember getting someone to cheat in a bunch of rare flowers and all the Mario items into my town for me (I still have the Mario items in my main room, although all of the flowers are probably dead by this point). I was such a noob when I joined ACC... But good times, discovering the Internet. :) It didn't last long, though, I ended up leaving that site and haven't played with anyone from Animal Crossing Community for years.

I played Mario Kart DS for a bit. I remember seeing people "jumping around" on the screen and I thought they were using cheats but now I know that they were just snaking. I actually beat some snakers without snaking.

I also remember one time when I went on the GTS. I don't remember which Pokémon I wanted (it may have been Shaymin) but I remember seeing someone ask for a Level 100 Arcanine. I used my Action replay to nab a Level 70 one on the route after Jubilife, caught it with a Master Ball, then Rare Candy'd it up to 100. I'm still wondering wether the person I traded with was okay with getting a Pokémon that I so blatantly cheated for...

I still remember the reason I wanted to set up WFC in the first place. I wanted to download the Wi-Fi missions for Pokémon Ranger. I'm glad that I pushed to get WFC for that, since otherwise I wouldn't have set it up to play games.



Nibelilt commented on Reminder: Nintendo's Wi-Fi Service on Wii and ...:

Well, it's over. I saw this when I tried to visit another Wi-Fi Plaza.
Across today and yesterday, I spent 12 hours on the Wi-Fi plaza. When I started playing on it my game's play time was at 232 hours, and now it's at 244.

It was so amazing getting to see it again, playing all those Plaza games. I hadn't played them for years. There was also some funny stuff, like checking the Plaza News only to see the single News Headline was "Emz is checking the Plaza News...", or seeing people who were hanging around online, but were only ever looking at the bulletin board for Plaza News, never moving away. There was also plenty of chatting and sharing Tap Toys, and I saw a bunch of the same users a few times on different Plazas. It's too bad that I couldn't share details to play together with them somehow, on the 3DS. Doing this for 12 hours was pointless, and it was kind of mindless, but I don't care. I had a lot of fun.

And fittingly, the last Wi-Fi Plaza I got to visit was the special Mew one. :) Before, I'd only ever seen this once (yesterday!). I didn't even know it existed until yesterday, actually.

Not sure if getting to see the Mew Plaza as the last ever Wi-Fi Plaza is wonderful or bad birthday gift from Nintendo.



Nibelilt commented on Round Table: Let's Discuss Our Hopes and Dream...:

I'm playing SoulSilver right now before the WFC is finally dead.

They need to bring back the Wi-Fi Plaza (and make the mini-games playable offline*)- it's incredibly addictive.

Make the mini-games unlock stuff that can be used with Hidden Bases.

Make Wi-Fi Plaza better as well. You will be able to friend people you meet there, and request them to add you. You can visit the Secret Base of anyone you meet in the Plaza. I've seen a few of the same people online on the Plaza today (and even back when it was more active, I did) and I think giving it a better "community feel" would be a great way to bring it back and expand on it.

They probably won't bring back the Wi-Fi Plaza since not many people hype it up, but this kind of thing would combine two of the series' best distractions. :) I like the non-standard battling parts of the series...

*They could fill up the Game Corner, which could become an Arcade, or be Arcade Machines for your Secret Base.



Nibelilt commented on Skylanders Trap Team Is Coming To Wii, Wii U A...:

@GoldMetalSonic Beenox, who I've heard are supposed to be "working closely with Toys For Bob" on it(although I can't find the source for that). The same people responsible for the Wii version of SWAP Force, which many considered to be the most buggy version of the game, and who will be porting Trap Team to the Wii U, XOne and PS4. This makes me kind of worried because I haven't enjoyed any of the 3DS 'landers games much since Spyro's Adventure, and Beenox might not be able to give proper attention to it if they're working on porting the main version...

But as for the console version... HYPE! I just trust TFB to make the game closer to the way I'd prefer it and I actually really like the way they've made this gimmick,



Nibelilt commented on Video: Check Out The Mario Kart 8 Visual Upgra...:

@AshFoxX @Joshers744 @Imagine23 Yep! I was actually hoping a while ago that they'd remake Royal Raceway just so that I could visit the castle on that track again. :P That was actually the most memorable thing in the game to me, I loved how they added that in.

But wow, those graphics... I never noticed how beautiful they really looked... It's actually giving me chills. I've gotta spend some time playing MK7 again to hype up for this.



Nibelilt commented on Twitch Claims Victory in Pokémon Crystal:

I was watching the stream when they were facing Red! The hype was unreal! :D

Also, I heard they're trying to beat the E4 again to get Red to re spawn so that they can face him again for the heck of it. :P

I'm glad that the streamer is waiting to start Gen III. I warmed up to Gen II after more lore was established but I was burned out on the original so I was just bored at the start, only checking every couple of days.



Nibelilt commented on Rumour: Next Skylanders Title Will Feature Veh...:

For all we know though these vehicles could just be in one or two levels. They did that in the last games several times(the most notable case was Secret Vault of Secrets, one of the earlier levels of Giants).

I really hope they don't make this a Mario Kart type game. It'd be WAY too gimmicky and I just feel like it wouldn't fit that well. I've seen people suggest these are just used kind of like some battletanks to drive around the worlds which is how I would like to see vehicles implimented if they actually add them in- that would also help to pave the way for more open worlds (vehicles would make it easier to navigate) which is something I'd really like to see in this series because it would help it become less samey to replay the same levels with new toys if we had more varying paths and open-ended levels.

By the way, there are other new things related to this game that we know about.



Nibelilt commented on Review: Spot the Differences! (3DS eShop):

I would have bought this if it were cheaper, because I like spot-the-difference games, but it doesn't sound like it's worth the money when I could put that towards other stuff. That's too bad.