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Thu 5th Feb 2009

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nglt13 commented on Review: Target Toss Pro: Bags (WiiWare):

Very informative review, it convinced me to purchase. Using control accuracy, replayability and value for your dollar as my criteria, I believe a higher score might have been more appropriate. Though that is just my opinion.
Anybody that likes Wii Sports will like this game.
Nothing zany or wacky, and certainly not shovelware. While some might find this game perfectly boring, others like myself will find that it's almost perfect.
$7.00 very well spent.



nglt13 commented on Target Toss Pro: Bags:

Anybody that likes Wii Sports will like this game. Controls are very accurate. Easy to pick up and play for anyone. A great game of strategy.
Nothing zany or wacky, just a good solid game that will always remain on my Wii. I feel sure it will be a big hit at family gatherings. $7.00 very well spent.