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Tue 26th Feb 2013

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ng7 commented on Talking Point: The Download or Disc Dilemma:

No dilema for me other than the eShop only indie games I'm still very much disc only for several reasons;

Price - Disc based games are considerably cheaper in many cases
Sell on/Trade in - If I buy a game I don't like or finish a game I won't play through again I can sell it on or trade it in towards another game
DRM - Games locked to console not account makes it difficult if your system breaks etc.
Internet connection - Living in a rural area my connection speed isn't great plus I have download limits just one single retail game would eat into most of that
Release - Pre-ordered games often arrive in the post the day before release and before its available on the eShop

And thats just the reasons that popped immediately into my head no doubt I could think of more if actually trying. At this point in time there is no real reason for me to give up games on disc. Sure thats just me personally and downloads may suit other people's needs but at this stage its hard to see much benefit to buying the download other than the lack of noise from the disc drive, but then the Wii U has possibly the quietest disc drive of any console ever so even thats a hard sell.