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Thu 3rd Sep 2009

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nephew77 commented on Review: Punch-Out!! (Wii):

Great review, Marcel! This was my favorite on the NES, and it may be my favorite on the Wii. I can't put it down. On Hippo now the second time through. I haven't seen a better win-the-game-bonus since the second quest of Legend of Zelda!



nephew77 commented on Zelda II: The Adventure of Link:

9/10: This action-RPG does indeed represent a sharp departure from the classic 2-D Zelda formula, but the road less traveled is worth taking here! The music is some of the best I've heard in a Zelda game, and the platform-style action and nuanced sword fighting system will keep you engaged. I have one warning to newcomers, however: This is easily one of the most challenging NES games out there. If patience is not one of your virtues, you will pull your hair out as you try to find hidden magic containers, spend hours leveling up, and die repeatedly in ridiculously difficult dungeons. If, however, you are a seasoned retro gamer, you will find in The Adventure of Link an innovative adventure game that rewards the serious gamer as few others do.

Gaming historians may also note that this came out at about the same time as another famous departure from a hugely popular series. That game was called Super Mario Bros. 2 (Doki-Doki Panic). Nintendo was taking big risks with what would become two of their biggest franchises.



nephew77 commented on Review: Puzzle Quest (DS):

9/10: This is quite impressive! The story is banal and the quests are uninteresting, but the actual gameplay sets this title apart. For example, should you cast an attack spell, cast a spell to drain your opponent's mana, or go for the skulls? The RPG battle elements nicely complement the Bejeweled game to create a challenge that is far more than the sum of its parts. The musical score is even superb. This is one of the top DS games I have played, and I am looking forward to the sequel!



nephew77 commented on Review: Kid Icarus (NES):

This was my second game after Super Mario Bros., and I loved it. Follow the tips below: Kill as many enemies as possible, including those mouse-noses in the rooms, in order to level up; don't duck on bread-like platforms; make maps in the dungeons, and make good use of the energy pools; lightly tap backwards after landing from each jump to steady yourself, particularly on frozen platforms; get the crystals when you have a choice of weapons; and avoid the Eggplant Wizard at all costs. The greatest challenges here are landing those precisions jumps, defeating the serpent boss of world 2, defeating the bubble boss of world 3, and avoiding eggplants! You may find yourself stuck on levels in worlds 1 and 3 in which leaps are particularly unforgiving. Its appropriate that the protagonist's name is Pit.
Although quite challenging and occasionally frustrating, this title is one of my all-time favorites and offers excellent replay value. It presents one of the best musical scores on the NES, and tunes from the game are covered by the band The Advantage. Try to earn the best ending, and you may very well see what I mean. I would give it a 10, and I wish Nintendo would release a 2-D sequel on WiiWare. I know there is interest.