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Sun 17th Mar 2013

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Nemesis commented on Let Camelot Know If You Want Another Golden Sun:

Definitely make another one, but on the regular DS. Honestly the 3ds kinda sucks. Some suggestions: wireless online battles with other players with some kind of reward system for battling like exclusive items you can only get through the battles, like class change items, or weapons, or awesome alternate costumes for the characters. Definitely bring back the monster arena like in the first two games, but maybe with more than one mode, like a random arcade mode for fighting monsters randomly like in the first games, and a mode that lets you pick the monsters and bosses you have already beaten, maybe one that lets you fight with only one character. Another thing is making more of the psynergy available for use outside of battle. I would like more focus on the psynergy vortexes and where they come from, that got lost in the game somewhere and you didnt see it until the ending. More focus on the bad guys and their flying fortress and on Alex would be good. Maybe a dark psynergy class and to counteract it a light psynergy class that can be equipped to all the main characters, with some field psynergies that go with that. There was a "point of no return" in the third game where after a certain point you cant go back to places you had been before and made it very irksome because there were Djinn and items you could not get anymore so you would have to start over again. Would be awesome if that was eliminated. I think that's about it, it sounds like a lot and a couple of my suggestions may be bad ideas, but I'm sure most of them would be agreeable. Love this series, ever since I was a kid it has been my favorite! Can't wait for another Golden Sun, I really hope you guys actually see this! Good luck on another successful game!