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United States

Wed 4th Jan 2012

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Neil_Zen commented on Zen Pinball 3D Lights Up North America on 12th...:


Neil from Zen Studios here.

Accctually, we are not holding back any content. These are the only 4 tables we have done for 3DS at this point. Remastering a table for 3DS actually takes a considerable amount of work on geometry, physics, textures, and cameras.

Now that the game is releasing, we're going to start working on getting more tables done for those who want them, but we think that 4 extremely detailed and deep tables for only $2 more than Pinball Pulse (which is an excellent game) is a pretty good deal in the meantime.

It would have been nice to have a free pinball "platform" like we do with Pinball FX2, but we have to work within the capabilities of the eShop.

Thanks to everyone who supports our pinball habit by buying this game