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Fri 27th May 2011

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neetyneety commented on Kid Icarus: Uprising:

whenever i watch the trailer i keep forgetting that it's on a HANDHELD. that's just how amazing it looks!



neetyneety commented on Review: The World Ends With You (DS):

Ahhh....brings back memories. I remember picking this up just cause I saw Squeenix made it....back then I thought that was a good enough reason to buy games. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who has a (3)DS(i). If you do not play this, Chuck Norris will exact vengeance on your family. Aaand you'll be missing out on one of the greatest games available on the handheld.



neetyneety commented on Review: Okamiden (DS):

Good to see this game gives the original Okami justice.
That being said, I would buy this game even if it didn't, that's just how awesome Okami was.