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Sun 24th Feb 2013

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nastobi123 commented on Rumour: New Call of Duty Title To Be Revealed ...:

screw this game, keep releasing every-year, I haven't bought any CoD games for straight 3 years, The story is already finished, plus Ghost is dead in MW2, wtf are they bringing up Ghost again...,
Activision : "no, that was Ghost's double. He is not yet dead" or "Yes, Ghost is dead but this game takes place 3 years before" wuuuut ... freakin rip-off man ! dont buy it ! play TF2 or CS if you like FPS ...

Differences of those games
CoD : $60, expensive map packs
TF2 : Free, $1 for premium account, no map packs
CS : $4.99, no map packs.

to this date I still wonder why CoD reaches millions of dollars of sales... One day, this triple A game will kill a publisher if they continue to make this game ....



nastobi123 commented on Deep Silver Has "No Plans" To Support Wii U:

Bullcrap, lets see 9 months from now, when Pikmin, Mario Kart U and Zelda gets released, Wii U is gonna empty store shelves, and I hope when that time comes, Nintendo WONT allow this COCKY new developers to develop their games. It feels like only Capcom, Ubisoft and Criterion only cares about Wii U.



nastobi123 commented on No Updates Planned For Resident Evil: Revelati...:

i think its fair enough, were lucky we got an RE exclusive game which turned out good, adding extra content for console ports is a logical thing to do because no one would buy if it is directly ported and everybody will just buy the 3ds ver which costs less.



nastobi123 commented on Nintendo Loses 3D Patent Case Against Former S...:

Damien, shouldn't you put Tomita Technologies ? instead of "former sony employee" thats why I hate sites like this. mynintendonews and NL are like the same sites. Thats why I left MNN because its just like this. I know you wouldn't give a single poopydoodle on this.



nastobi123 commented on PETA Starts "Whaling" About Assassin's Creed I...:

do they have anything else thats "actually" good for animals ? for instance, why don't they stop those people who kill dogs for their furs and rhino and elephants for their horns ? come on, what a stupid world we have now, its not like im gonna go hunt for whale after finishing this game. yeah because i have the resources to kill a 50 ton animal..



nastobi123 commented on Nintendo - "Innovation is Important" for the 2...:

You know what I want them to do ? do almost the thing same as they did with 3D Marios. Different plot-style and ways to play not just the typical Mario side-scrolling plot which is to rescue the princess, what if Nintendo could do it like a Thousand Doors, Galaxy. 2D mario is getting old because it doesn't anything, plot, style of play, come on ! look how 3d mario are so successful. pull off those innovative ideas Nintendo, IK you have them, you just hate money here in West.