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Mon 28th Nov 2005

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Nanaki commented on Talking Point: Achievements, Trophies and Wii U:

Got to say, I love the achievements on the '360. There's nothing better than the bragging rights between mates when you have the higher gamerscore on certain games. Microsoft has done well with the whole social side of Live — Achievements are just one aspect of their multi-faceted approach to social gaming. I don't think Nintendo will ever have the correct mindset to implement something as successful, as they always seem to approach the subject from their own unique angle. I see a lot of the big N's 'social' gaming ideas (Friend Codes, Street Pass) and, well, they aren't the best executed. If I want social gaming on my Nintendo machines, I have to have the people I am playing with in the same room in order to get any decent experience from it; Microsoft and Sony are probably more geared to the opposite — online gaming.

Bottom line is, in my opinion, Nintendo need to get their online gaming to a standard where these social aspects will be able to flourish. Introducing achievements/trophies would be like writing a car manual for a car that hasn't been manufactured. I doubt they ever will quite get there, but it would be nice if they did.



Nanaki commented on Review: Rabbids Lab (WiiWare):

@Ezekiel, I was wondering when someone would pick up on that. Truth be told, I'd rather play Copter Crisis! Making it barebones and eliminating the save features is an unforgiveable mistake in my books.



Nanaki commented on Review: Copter Crisis (WiiWare):

Would have been a 3 bar the fact that the Balance Board makes for some interesting challenges -- ones which I'll actually go back to the game for, one day.



Nanaki commented on Review: Electroplankton Sun-Animalcule (DSiWare):

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Personally, I don't see how these silo-based 'plankton games can be better than the full release DS game (which was rather good). The original worked well because it had the perfect orchestration of many elements, but these releases contain a lot less - the whole experience is no longer fused together. Just my two cents there....



Nanaki commented on New Wii Bundle to Hit British Shelves:

Now we just need the Wiimote to not RRP at £32.99, Nunchuck at £17.99 and Motion Plus at £22.99 ... That's still a sting in the tail for people wanting 2+ players on their Wii!



Nanaki commented on Review: Scribblenauts (DS):

I think I'll be getting myself this one, based on that review. Clunky controls can be ignored when a game's as ingenious as this.

Good job, Jon!



Nanaki commented on Power Up!:

Ah, bliss! Now for me to badger you with 101 new shiney things I want added to the site

Good job bossman!



Nanaki commented on Review: Learning with the PooYoos - Episode 1 ...:

@Wiiloveit, with a few beers, quite possibly.

@LEGEND MARIOID, You're right; a six year old boy might not be too engrossed with this one (but the dances are quite funny)

@mushroomer, You have to allow this writer his indulgences in obsolete words (FYI, nevertheless, used to be recognised as a word, and I, for one, think there is a rather charming appeal in using it)



Nanaki commented on WiiWare & DSiWare London Event - WiiWare Coverage:

@Malouff, it is too hard to hear the sound of a game when in an open-floored press event. We'll have to wait until a more intimate sitting with the game to gauge how well the aural experience compliments that of the gameplay.

@Daz, Night Sky was there - check the midsection of the article.

Oh, and yes, I have Rabbids! There's also the corner of a signed Charles Martinet picture on the left



Nanaki commented on Learning with the PooYoos - Episode 1:

I actually think this looked quite nice. The guys who developed it took care in making sure it fit the audience. I say good on them for trying to expand the WiiWare market!



Nanaki commented on WiiWare & DSiWare London Event - WiiWare Coverage:

Worms can be played against randoms, but you can only play custom built levels with known friends (these levels cannot be trasnferred, either).

It really looks to be a good game: you can even fire weapons with actions now, which I thought was nifty. It's optional, though, so don't fret over the core gameplay being destroyed.

Cheers about the surname; I've always considered a career in showbiz with that one...

And, Damo, don't forget: I hugged him back too!



Nanaki commented on Part 3 - Gameplay Loop:

The Rabbit thong really does distrub me :S

I'm also slightly reminded of an old UK TV Gameshow - Supermarket Sweep



Nanaki commented on Review: Ashes Cricket 2009 (Wii):


Well, writing reviews has its ups and downs. Sometimes you get the fun games, other times you get the dross, and sometimes it's just the average. Still gotta complete the innings though (apologies, still in pun mode!)

I don't really think the game is bad, just that there is a lot more that should have been done with it. Without multiplayer this was in serious danger of falling in the 1-3 bracket - it really does lift the enjoyability of the game that much!

Play it with some friends and you will have some fun (just not that accurate in terms of how the real game plays) I recall one set of innings where I scored 80-odd runs with one batsman, 36 with another, 4 or less with 3 other batsmen, and five ducks. The majority of those runs were sixes too!



Nanaki commented on Part 1 - The Adventure Begins!:

Well, I love the Rayman Raving Rabbids series. I'd go as far to say they stand as strong as Zelda in my Wii collection.

I love the imagination you guys have there - keep up the great work!



Nanaki commented on Competitions: Metroid Prime Trilogy Wii Giveaway!:

Sorry guys. Sometimes we just get given goodies that can only be dispatched to certain territories.

Of course, we're doing our best to get stuff for all out users - we love you all, after all - and will try out best to give you all a chance to win something.



Nanaki commented on First Impressions: Discipline (WiiWare - Japan):


This bit killed me:

"Apparently these can be viewed in more detail by spraying fluid on pigeons that may appear at your cell window, but in my time with the game this didn't happen"

Looks like a real intersting one...



Nanaki commented on Review: Dementium: The Ward (DS):

Good to see that the DS is starting to get more of a basis for adult games, and it's nice to see companies put a few more FPSs out there.

Great review. Made me think about possibly getting this one - although I must admit that I am a wuss with horror!



Nanaki commented on Review: Moon (DS):

Also, I will give this one a whirl. Not a while! Review was good, made me want to buy.



Nanaki commented on Review: Moon (DS):

Pay close enough attention, and you can actually see that it is James on the boxart

I'll give this one a while, methinks.