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Wed 1st Oct 2008

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naisatoh commented on Review: Art Style: Orbient (WiiWare):

My main complaint is the lack of online leaderboards, especially when the game keeps track of your best times and scores.

Also, if I were in charge, I would have added a stage-creator. For a game as simple as this, the ability to make your own levels would not only be easy, but also add tons of replay value.



naisatoh commented on Review: Bomberman Blast (WiiWare):

After playing for a few days, my only complaint is the rankings system. I'm still scratching my head over how they award points (How can I win both rounds of King of the Hill and still end up in third place?!). The rank is based, not on your performance, but on the number of points you get. By this logic, I can consistently get 5th place, but play 24 hours a day, and still get pretty high on the list.

Hopefully, Hudson figures out a way to update this system.



naisatoh commented on Review: Strong Bad Episode 2 - Strong Badia th...:

As a long time fan of Homestar Runner, it's hard for me to say anything bad about these games. That being said, if you're not sure about whether or not to give this series a try, I would actually recommend Episode 2 over Episode 1. In my opinion, it's an easier game that's a little more straightforward.

I say give it a shot, and if you like it, then go back and get Episode 1. Also, for those of you who don't have any more room left on your Wii (like me), opt for PC version.



naisatoh commented on Art Style: Orbient:

@ ness and thewiirocks

After hearing about Orbient, I went and downloaded Orbital as a preview. I ended up finishing Orbital before downloading Orbient and actually noticed a few major differences between the two games. In addition to the obvious graphical upgrade, Orbient adds a few features that weren't in the original.

1. thewiirocks was right in saying that the physics in Orbient is different from Orbital. However, I believe this makes the Wii version easier to play, because I feel the physics are actually more accurate, and therefore, more intuitive.

2. Unlike Orbital, I noticed that some of the planets/stars in Orbient are affected by your gravity/anti-gravity. It doesn't really affect the large planets or the planets that are already in orbit. However, smaller, isolated bodies, like some of the "goal stars" will react to the pull. Again, this makes the physics in Orbient feel more accurate.

3. The BIG difference in Orbient is the addition of "black holes." These bodies will perpetually give off gravitational pull regardless of your actions. These add some difficulty, and are, in my opinion, a great addition.

I've played through about half of Orbient and can confirm that there is significant overlap between level design. However, the new additions and physics models make Orbient an entirely new experience regardless. Even if you've played through the GBA original or never heard of the game until this week (like me), I would definitely recommend this title. I would give this an 8/10.

My pros:

  • original physics based puzzler by a first party developer
  • upgraded graphics and features from it's GBA original
  • only 600 points (importing the GBA title will cost you almost $20)

My cons:

  • lack of online leaderboards
  • extra lives are easy to obtain, but don't carry over from day to day
  • why did they change the name to Orbient?!

I'm looking forward to more remakes from the eclectic and hard-to-find bit Generations series.