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Sun 27th Apr 2014

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mwharton479 commented on Skylanders Trap Team Is Coming To Wii, Wii U A...:

This the first Skylanders expansion game that takes away the individual 2-player element from gameplay. The whole new concept is trapping and playing villains. So why are both players stuck playing the same villain. If two players play different trap masters wouldn't they each want to play their own trapped villains? The portal only comes with one trap slot. It looks like a major oversight by Activision, and one that will keep me from buying this expansion. I bought each expansion before this one because each player is able to play with his own giant or his own swapforce character. Its just backwards to take that individuality away from players. I can only imagine the arguments between players, fighting over which trap they get to share! Just like the ability to jump was withheld until the 2nd expansion, Activision will likely release a new portal in next year's expansion that will include two trap slots, which they will tout as a selling point, just like the ability to jump was. I'll just sit this one out and wait for the "complete" portal to be released next year. It just goes to show what limits the almighty dollar is able to produce, that the creative mind alone does not.