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Thu 1st July, 2010

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Musashi commented on Hands On: Getting Competitive in the Rayman Le...:

I'm really loving the app...

I like that I can look forward to a new challenge every day (+ every week), and go up against all my Miiverse friends who have it downloaded :)

It's been competitive, fun, and there are many people playing/competing.
I'm still pissed about the delay, but I look forward to future challenges and the full game later this year.



Musashi commented on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate:

Between this, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon on the 3ds and WiiU games:
[ LEGO City: Undercover ] - - - March 13th
[ Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate ] - - - March 19th
[ Need for Speed: Most Wanted U ] - - - March 19th

March is going to be a ROUGH month for my wallet...

EDIT: Just realized that on March 28th, HarmoKnight comes out on the eShop for 3ds.. >_<



Musashi commented on Review: The Cave (Wii U eShop):

@Semulje @SetupDisk I would absolutely pay for an expansion... more puzzles, new characters, alternate endings/cave paintings. I also think a sequel would be highly successful... but I don't want to get to ahead of myself. ;P



Musashi commented on Review: The Cave (Wii U eShop):

I have absolutely LOVED this game. This is one of the few times I strongly disagree with Nintendo Life's review. It's a BLAST to play, and the character-themed puzzles are fantastic. The humor & voice acting are spot on. It's also a game you def want to replay; I'm about to start on my 5th playthrough so I can get all the endings. 8.5/10 for me!



Musashi commented on Review: Okamiden (DS):

I have played Okami all the way through a few times on the Wii. It NEVER gets old.

I need to get my hands on this.



Musashi commented on The Westerner:

I <3 Monkey Island.... & Telltale games is coming out with an adventure game based on "Jurassic Park" & "Back to the Future." I'd rather wait for those than buy this... but we'll see...



Musashi commented on Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal ...:

I just beat this game. I GREATLY enjoyed it. I think most of the animosity towards it comes from the fact that it is very different than other FF titles (and FFCC too). I enjoyed the graphics, rich tapestry of locations (a lot of exploring), fast paced gameplay, and excellent storyline! It has a few flaws (a terrible map system, you cannot pick up items or use magic while riding a chocobo, and the act of throwing objects CAN get somewhat repetitive- although I liked it) but the way you take down bosses and enemies is unique and fun. There are also boatloads of side-quests and medals to earn (making the game MUCH longer)!!

I recommend it. It was a worth-while purchase!