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United States

Mon 19th May 2008

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munk commented on Review: Star Soldier R:

Exceeded my expectations. Awesome!

I can see myself as a kid in an arcade back in the day, wasting 8 dollars in quarters on this game never to play it again, but my name would stay there displayed on the screen, beckoning for all my friends to take it down from the top 10. We'd urge each other on and get better and better, but hey that was then, days of showdowns in arcades being a common in thing are done, my hope is gone. Wait, what is this? We can take the skills of days old and compete online with the best in the world?? JEEEAAAAAAH! It is true! There is hope in this world, we can wage war peacefully through massive online arcade shmup battles.

I've read several reviews saying this game isn't worth the money because it lacks a story mode, only has two levels. Yes, it is repetitive, but all of the greatest old school games were. It's not bad repetitive, not as I see it. The fun is how much better you can get, the challenge of it, because the controls are on point and it's all on you. If you've got it in you to, you can eventually overcome and match the skill required to get on leaderboards, but only after having honed your self to that old school fast action thought process and reaction skill required to flow through and dance the great dance to the programmers masterful level layouts and enemy timing and placement of old arcade style games like this. I've played a lot of shmups, but never played any of the Star Soldier series, missed out on these. If you like the challenge of intense old school gaming and want to test your mettle against the best in your region, and in the wider world, check this out.