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Tue 1st June, 2010

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multicoloredyoshi commented on Review: EarthBound Beginnings (Wii U eShop / NES):

Just got done beating this game. Hard to recommend to non-Earthbound fans. Seems to have the same problem of most RPGs of the time (too many battles, slow leveling, very little dialogue/story, elements like text speed are too slow, etc.). That said I think it's probably the most enjoyable NES RPG I've played.



multicoloredyoshi commented on Review: Art Academy: Atelier (Wii U):

What resolution does this export images at? 1920 x 1080? Hope it's fairly high. I never really got into Colors! 3D on my 3DS as the resolutions were pretty low and drawings could only be so detailed.



multicoloredyoshi commented on Nintendo Working on Patch for Mewtwo Glitch Th...:

Surprised to see that Nintendo believes the 3DS to be more vulnerable. I played pretty much all those modes with Mewtwo (plus all other characters previously) on both versions with no glitch on 3DS and got online just fine, and haven't heard of anyone with the 3DS having the problem. Still guess it's better to be safe then sorry and pass on anymore single player for now. Don't want my 3DS version to be stuck offline like my Wii U.



multicoloredyoshi commented on Mewtwo 10-Man Smash Glitch is Stopping Some Fr...:

That's actually my post on the Tech Forums. Glad Nintendo Life did an article. Hopefully the more widespread the problem becomes on the internet, the more of a priority creating a fix will be. Super bummed about no online especially with everything the update brought. At least I got the 3DS version in the meantime.



multicoloredyoshi commented on Nintendo Download: 7th June 2010 (North America):

not really anything for me this week. looks like Nintendo's getting into a pattern of doing VC every other week. At least we got Kirby Super Star not long ago out of it. Maybe if they take a month off of VC we can get something awesome like Earthbound?... well I can dream.