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United Kingdom

Tue 3rd Jan 2012

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mulletman commented on Nintendo Reconfirms Wii U Will Not Make Wii Ga...:

I was really hoping they were going to make the U able to upscale games. I can't imagine it would cost loads or be really difficult when you consider how cheap DVD upscalers are now. But I guess it is good that they're trying to ensure the new system is affordable. It is going to make it considerably less tempting for people with lots of Wii games, though.



mulletman commented on Skyward Sword is Wii's 45th Million Seller in ...:

Don't you mean 1 million copies in UNDER two months? It'll be two months on the twentieth of Jan. Even more of an impressive achievement. Great game by the way, my gf and I are about 8 or 10 hours in. Although embarrassingly she's better at the swordplay than me!