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Mon 26th May 2008

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mudskip commented on WiiWare Publishers Lament Release Date Shambles:

The only reason I found this website was because I was looking for Wii Ware release dates. I think the longer Nintendo is shady about Wii Ware release dates, the longer will have increased value.



mudskip commented on WiiWare needs a storage solution NOW!:

I think the main thing to remember right now is this: you can download previous purchases for free. In most cases, this is actually much faster than copying to the SD card.

I think a good solution from Nintendo would be to allow the ability to "Archive" VC/Wii Ware titles from the main Wii screen.
To archive a title, you could drag it to a new little file cabinet icon.
All this really does is delete it off of your system, but it wouldn't scare the novice, as deleting an item from the data Management screen might ("Are you sure you want to delete x?").
Also, you could click on the file cabinet to find and download previously purchased titles.
I made a blog post with a little more info here:

WiiWareWorld is a great resource.