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Male, 25, Mexico

Mostly a portable gamer and long time Pokemon nerd.

Tue 3rd Nov 2009

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Morpheel commented on Pokémon Picross Launches on 3rd December in t...:

@sillygostly then again, each one of these has less content than this one, and most of them actually require you to purchase the other games to unlock some of the puzzles.

Yes, it would be cheaper to buy a few of the e games, but this one has the advantage of being free to start (new players can decide if they want to keep playing before making an investment, other players can try and see how far can they get without paying, etc) and pokemon-themed.

Yes, that's a feature that makes people want to pay for things.



Morpheel commented on The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Spi...:

@EarthboundBenjy idk, maybe they changed it to read the gyro sensor and you need to put the gamepad face-down. (probably not).

But think about it, it would be funny.... You spend hours trying to figure it out, then give up and go to the home menu to open the web browser and when you come back... Bam! You solved it by accident.



Morpheel commented on Dry Bowser and Bowser Jr. will be in Mario Ten...:

@rjejr I mean it more as in... The black part is part of the figurine itself, not a stand or a separate element.

Kinda like how skeleton disguises place the bones on black fabric. Obviously, with Dry Bowser it would be less noticeable, since the bones are bulky and it has a giant shell on his back.



Morpheel commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd October (North America):

@russellohh first of all, yes yes, I'm aware your last post was yesterday and you probably are calm now. But still, please refrain from getting aggressive with your posts in the future.

Really, it looks like you had a bad day and decided to release all your stress here.