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Thu 29th November, 2012

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Morph commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

Fully expected and i'm not bothered. If it's the difference between a good game and a great game then it'll be worth the wait.

It's not like the wii u is going to have much else going for it beyond this zelda game by the looks of it, we'll have had installments of all the major franchises bar metroid which i'm expecting an announcement for this e3 so this will keep the console ticking over into 2016. Zelda seems to have a habit of finishing a consoles lifespan, I could see that happening here.



Morph commented on Exclusive: Affordable Space Adventures Pricing...:

I don't normally like to go above £10 for digital releases. Child of Light was the most expensive game I have bought and if I recall correctly that was £12, so £17 is quite a step up again from that. If the reviews paint a good picture then I might stump up for it, otherwise I will wait for a sale.

I think it's a dangerous price point they have chosen for the UK, they will probably still get a decent amount of first week sales but I can see the numbers dropping dramatically after that. I'd have priced it similar to child of light personally.

Take a look at the prices, $20 is equivalent to €19 so thats fair enough, but it should only be £13.50 not £17. I know you have taxes to factor in, but it's that additional fee that tips it over the edge for me.



Morph commented on Satoru Iwata Highlights Growth of Wii U Sales ...:

My main concern for wii u is what games are going to come after those allready announced, we get zelda, starfox, splatoon, yarn yoshi, kirby and X this year, but the slate could be pretty sparse after that so we'll have to wait and see on that.



Morph commented on New Nintendo 3DS Launch Sales in the West Surp...:

I wonder if this new itteration of the hardware could be around for longer than many expected. If sales continue at a good rate, theres no reason new 3ds couldnt be around for at least 3-4 years. New control schemes and more powerful hardware might bring other devs to the table. Always puzzled me why the likes of ubisoft never really got into the ds/3ds scene seems like a good fit for them.



Morph commented on Eiji Aonuma Explains That The Legend of Zelda ...:

Im not sure i'm particularly bothered if a game is open world or not. What difference does it make if you can visit a location that you can't do anything in until you meet a particular requirement or have a particular item. Xenoblade was open world but it made no difference if the enemies were 10 times more powerful than your characters. I'm not really sure what value it adds to a game.



Morph commented on Eiji Aonuma Admits That Remakes Such as Majora...:

I think i'd like to see a remake of the original LOZ, it'd be interesting to play it rendered either in the style of link between worlds or fully 3d like the series since OOT. Other than that, a remake of Twilight Princess would be nice.



Morph commented on Review: IRONFALL Invasion (3DS eShop):

I was hoping for a slightly meatier main campaign, but I will still probably get at least the single player potion. As mentioned above, the fact there is one multiplayer stage that is free to play means most people will play there anyway and im not a massive fan of online anyway



Morph commented on Sonic Boom Sales Struggle to Explode as Sega C...:

Its a sorry state of affairs when they cant even get their main mascots games right. I very much miss the sega of the 90's and early 00's. They put out some quality games over that period, Its a shame most of those teams have been disolved now, the heart went out off sega when it was bought by sammy and i dont think it'll ever return to its glory days



Morph commented on RCMADIAX Scales Back Wii U Plans for 2015:

This made me laugh, dont release crap and the games will sell more, pretty simple really. Suggests to me that the average nintendo eshop user is a bit more discerning when it comes to the games they download. Good.