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Thu 29th November, 2012

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Morph commented on Talking Point: It's Time to Salute The Nintend...:

Definitely nintendos best handheld and probably the one with the best games library as well. My only gripes with the 3ds really were the lack of a second analogue thumb stick and the fairly low resolution of the screen. The new 3ds has resolved one of those issues and I imagine the next handheld will address the resolution aspect.I think the new 3ds is nintendo's definitive handheld so that leaves me excited fir whats to come in the future



Morph commented on Nintendo Stays in Profit With Wii U on Target,...:

I think the idea of a fusion type console is nintendo's best hope. They have got the handheld market boxed off, if they can get those customers into the home console market they will be on to a winner



Morph commented on Talking Point: Club Nintendo's Closure Is An E...:

I dont think they should be closing club nintendo but rather expand it and make it fully inclusive. I've built up a ridiculous amount of club vip and club nintendo points over the years.

Off the top of my head i've gotten the luigi's mansion diorama, the snes pad, the year of luigi coin, yoshi cleaning cloth, 3ds game case, as well as the rpg coin set, the smash cd that we will be getting, a truck load of wii download coads and some other bits I cant remember. I'll probably use the last of them to get that game and watch i've been hovering over the last few years if nothing else turns up by the time it closes.

I think the fact that both regions are closing suggests theres going to be something all encompassing and probably tied to the consoles, which i'm not against but I did like my club nintendo freebies so it'll be sad to see them go



Morph commented on New Exploit Makes The 3DS Region Free Without ...:

@bravely yeah I always used to bring some USA games back with me in the past for the DS, but I just haven't felt the need to with the 3DS even forgetting about the region lock for the minute. The only game I really wanted the limited edition Code of Princess but that was about it. I might now pick up the boxed special edition of SMT IV now however.



Morph commented on New Exploit Makes The 3DS Region Free Without ...:

I think we've been quite lucky in europe even with the region lock we've had most of the games come out over here haven't we, the only ones that come to mind that i can think of that we havent had are ex troopers and unchained blades, is there a website anywhere that lists all the games we havent had?



Morph commented on Little Mac's amiibo Appears to Have Actually B...:

I just can't understand nintendo's stance on this, from a production point of view i can see why they didn't just go and create millions because they had no idea how they would sell and didnt want to be left with tons of unsold stock. But to not keep a constant trickle of each amiibo is stupid, even if it mean just selling them on their website, or even only having them in stock at certain times of the year. But they are just turning away sales now and I didnt think they were in a position to be doing that



Morph commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Confirms Playable Star Fox fo...:

Or maybe we shouldnt read too much into the comments, maybe he's being funny and the wii u controller is what he's talking about. Or maybe they've got a prototype running on the next console and thats what he's talking about. Or maybe he's sick of being asked about fzero and plucked a random comment out of thin air, who knows



Morph commented on Talking Point: Five New Year's Resolutions for...:

I'd be interested in playstation plus type service but the quality would have to be thereto make a subscription worthwhile. I don't think anything like that will arrive until nintendo's next consoles however.



Morph commented on Year in Development: Nyamyam:

I can only speak for myself but the price they put on the wii u version compared to the ios version has stopped me buying it so far. I generally tend to set myself around a £5 limit on any game I purchase on the eshop unless it's something really special. So when it comes down in a sale i'll pick it up then. I really think a £5 price point would have seen them sell quite a few more at launch. I dont know why developers find it so hard to find a decent price point for their games on the eshop.