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Fri 19th December, 2008

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Monkeh commented on Sakurai Explains Reasoning Behind Removal Of I...:

@brewsky You could play the game for all eternity and still wouldn't know if you had to do something specific to unlock them and thus wouldn't know if they were in or out unless you read it somewhere, so I don't really see how this would hurt your experience.

EDIT: If anything, it softens the blow, seeing as you won't have to play the game for ages and than go: "Where the hell are the ICs?"



Monkeh commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Will Suppor...:

Never used or planned on using a Circle Pad Pro (do own a 3DS since day 1) and I actually plan on buying a New 3DS, but I still think this is a duck move by Nintendo. Really shouldn't screw people with a 3DS like that. Hell even if you are willing to buy a New 3DS, people outside of Japan who'd want to use a c-stick in Smash Bros. 3DS will still have to wait 'till somewhere in 2015, before being able to.



Monkeh commented on Video: This Japanese Super Smash Bros. for Nin...:

@OP: Dunno how it is in your country, but here (Holland) every train-station actually does have free Wi-Fi. Mostly posting this because of the three dots you placed behind it.

But he's not using Wi-Fi, as the other players have CPU above their heads, meaning it's singleplayer.



Monkeh commented on Poll: Tell Us What You Think of the New Ninten...:

I've always bought the (direct, so not things like Gameboy Pocket) revisions of Nintendo's handhelds (GBC/GBA SP/DSi), so this will be no different.

I'm mostly excited about being able to properly view 3D now, seeing as [for me] it's impossible to constantly keep the 3DS pointed at me while playing and I'm always swaying ever so slightly. If it's now fixed so that you can at least sway a little and not notice any changes in the 3D-effect, I'll be very pleased.



Monkeh commented on New Nintendo 3DS Models Announced:

Ugh, must have this. Pretty lame Japan is getting this only a month after they get Smash, while we (Europe, in my case) have to wait until at least January 2015 and probably a few months after that, so it'll most likely end up being released 4+ months after Smash's release..



Monkeh commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

IMO the title is way too harsh. Just because an employee feels having actual car-brands within Mario Kart 'kinda breaks the magic', this would already imply he "really doesn't like" it? If anything, he/she just feels it's a bit out of place, which isn't that weird of a thing to say/feel, if you ask me.



Monkeh commented on Feature: Ten Must Play Titles on the Game Boy:

The choice between Pokemon Red and Link's Awakening is a pretty tough one to make for me, but I'd have to go with Link's Awakening, just because you might as well play Pokemon X/Y instead of Red/Blue. Though admittedly I'd totally still buy Pokemon Red on 3DS VC if it was available.



Monkeh commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS User Interf...:

Instantly buying both versions anyway, though I have to admit I kinda feel the 3DS version will end up being mostly a warm-up to the Wii U version. Which is also the only rational reasoning I could think of as to why they would release the 3DS version first. Well that and the 3DS version just being easier to develop.



Monkeh commented on Curve Studios Announces Wii U Exclusive Stealt...:

While I kind of dislike exclusives all together, seeing as the more platforms a game releases on, the more people will be able to enjoy it, it's nice to see some positive news about the cooperation between Nintendo and an indie developer, seeing as Nintendo hasn't had the best track record with those.

Nonetheless, I still think it's really stupid Nintendo has missed so many of the great indie games over the last few years, which were released on basically every platform except the Wii-U. Here's hoping for a better future..



Monkeh commented on Super Smash Bros. Hitting 3DS This Summer, Wii...:

I feel the Wii-U version should have been the first one released, if not just because for the sheer fact the 3DS is doing so well, while the Wii-U is struggling..

So yeah, mostly disappointed that the Wii-U will have to suffer even more, even though for me personally it won't matter much, since I was going to buy both versions anyway.

EDIT: Also @DestinyMan I think most people would've been fine if it was the 3DS version releasing in the Winter and the Wii-U version in the Summer.



Monkeh commented on EA Boss Peter Moore Apologises For Frostbite's...:

Really don't see what the fuzz is all about.. aren't you supposed to be fooled on April Fools?

Anyway, I actually wish they would make a tuned down Frostbyte Engine for Wii-U, but obviously that would cost too many resources to be profitable.



Monkeh commented on Feature: The Biggest Wii U Games of 2014 - Spr...:

Currently obviously looking forward to Mario Kart 8, but since I wholeheartedly expect Smash to release in 2014 as well, I'll have to give that my vote.

Honestly wouldn't be surprised if X doesn't come out 'till 2015.



Monkeh commented on Video: What Could The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward...:

For me, personally, the hate for SS comes from it having a 'hub-like overworld' instead of your traditional (actual) overworld that was in every previous Zelda game (and more recently in A Link Between Worlds, which is probably why that got hardly any hate).

Truth be told, I would re-buy every one of those games if they were released in HD on Wii-U. All of them expect Brawl, since that would only be worth anything if Smash 4 is still a long way off (which it shouldn't be).



Monkeh commented on Swords & Soldiers HD Catapulting Its Way Onto ...:

@Pixel-Perfect I agree with this boo. Probably won't be getting this now, especially after having seen how good Swords & Soldiers 2 looks (plus I already own Swords & Soldiers HD on Steam [and the original on WiiWare], but still would have gotten this IF it had a fair price).



Monkeh commented on Nicalis Boss Tyrone Rodriguez Thinks The Wii U...:

He's probably right, seeing as if Nintendo had sold the Wii-U at the same price, but without a gamepad and in place increased the graphic capabilities (thereby [almost] matching PS4/X1), it probably would've sold a lot better and there'd be more third-party games releasing on it.

It's hard to deny that the gamepad isn't worth what you've paid for it, seeing as it's only real use is off-screen play. Some games, like Wind Waker, may have made pretty good use of the gamepad, but these features are far from being a necessity. That and if you look at all of the upcoming anticipated titles, there's not a single one that has promoted gamepad-features.